Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Second Season

Wilbon had a column today about the NBA playoffs. For the record (since he'll probably flip-flop on PTI), he picked Spurs over Pacers in Six. You can read the whole thing here.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Friday, April 16, 2004

Tony Breaks All the Rules

Tony called in late today (at 5:45 instead of 5:30) and broke most of his old rules. He was calling from a car and on a cell phone. The only thing he didn't do is say "How ya doin'?"

He golfed in the morning (shooting 88), did PTI (more on that later) and is going back to Columbia Country Club for a dinner.

Tony offered his advice to Andy Polley about buying a new HD TV set. (Andy's set apparently died yesterday.) TK loves watching his set, especially the channel with clouds, because it reminds him of college and made him want to eat oysterettes.

The boys also discussed Mustang Sally's column in the Post, regarding the Maurice Clarett decision and college football. But Tony's not a lawyer and he doesn't even play one on TV.

On PTI today, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were the guests for 5 good minutes, previewing tonight's Sox/Yankees game. Thankfully, no mention of the new animated baseball voiced by Tom Kenney aka SpongeBob.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Curse of Les Boulez

More about the futility of the Wizards today. TK compares the plight of the Wizards with the successes of the Grizzlies, thanks mainly to Jerry West.

Tk and company also talked about DC Mayor Anthony Williams' decision to not go to an Orioles game. TK more importantly made fun of the Mayor for using the word "dissed."

Tony also tried to golf today, but just hit balls since it was so windy in DC. TK threatened to possibly "miss" tomorrow's show if he's out hitting the little white ball. He said put a "Q" next to his name for Questionable.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Tony had a column in the paper today, about all the faldaral over Barry Bonds 660th home run. This segues into a discussion about the overimportance of Statstics in sports today. You can read it here.

There was more of the same from Tony on the radio today: the Bonds coverage, as well as discussing Stephen A. Smith's column in the Inky today about McGwire. Amazingly, the discussion about muscle mass and what not was something TK had today with his trainer (Shar of the one-lb weights).

TK, Andy, Steve and Comcast's Kelli Johnson (snicky alert) also talked about the Wizards and the apparent spat between Gilbert "Coin Flip Kid" Arenas and Jerry "Eight Days a Week" Stackhouse. As Tony said, even if everyone would have been healthy, just how many wins would they have gotten anyway?

New father David Aldridge was today's (in studio) guest on PTI, to preview the NBA playoffs. DA also sided with Tony about LeBron being rookie of the year, but chose Jerry Sloan over Hubie for Coach of the Year.

The big news on PTI today, though, was Tony actually breaking one of the Heads on Sticks (Phil Mikelson). We also got some dual action with Wilbon as the Glove and TK as Hubie, since the two allegedly had an argument after a game last week.

Last, but not least, it's a big 18th birthday for Michael (don't call him Budweiser) Kornheiser. Happy birthday and good luck at Penn.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Day Two of TK's Trip to Augusta

Did you know that the Masters was one of two major sportings events that Mr. Tony had never been to before? (Daytona being the other.)

Some quotes:
"It's prettier in person than you can imagine."
"If you can go, don't go on the weekend. Go Thursday or Friday or even the practice round on Wednesday."

Tony also made sure to have one of the famous Pimento Chesse sandwiches. BTW, TK's sandwich, his son's sandwich and a lemonade only cost $4.00. (So, Michael went back and had some more.)

There was a Chat House today on the Post's Website, but it was another Wilbon solo effort (PTI kept TK busy). Mike also had a column today about Phil and Tiger.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Monday, April 12, 2004

Golf Shots, Nothing but Golf Shots

As I expected, today is the first day that Mr. Tony said he regretted not having the radio show. He said he could have spent all three hours talking about Augusta and the end of the Masters yesterday. Like most people, Tony thought it was just spectacular. There will probably more from TK about his trip (yes, he flew there) and what not.

The Masters was also front and center on PTI, with the entire A block being devoted to Phil, Tiger and the Rest.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Sunday, April 11, 2004


Not much news this weekend.

However, PTI did get some major props in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly (Tarantino cover). PTI was listed in their weekly Top Ten list of "things that are hot" and they put over TK and Wilbon.

Monday should be a cool day, as we should get stories from TK about going to the Masters. I believe Tony usually roots for Mickelson, so one expects him to be happy about the amazing finish to the toonament.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine