Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yes, more Deep Throat talk

Tk talks about how Woodward/Bernstein made the Post it is today.

Also, talk about George Solomon's becoming ESPN's in-house ombudsman. Yeah, right. ESPN is to criticism what Junior is to fashion: they just don't mix.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Deep Thoughts about Deep Throat

Of course, the big story is Deep Throat being revealed. many stories today about Woodward and Bernstein and TK's beloved Washington Post.

-- bob Ryan -- NBA talk in the only sports segment
-- Howard Feinman (Newsweek) on DT
-- Junior on DT and working with Bob Woodward

TK also talked about his dinner with Don Graham last night (scheduled before all this broke) and how Graham read them his editorial in Today's Post.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Satchmo vs Hootie

TK spent most of the opening segment talking about his golf outing with Hootie, one of the other blowfish and George Berger at RTJ. Hootie shot 37 on the back nine and Tk believes they were probably hustled.

-- Wilbon on NBA playoffs and his holiday activities
-- Mike Massano on Indy and Dannica Patrick

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine