Friday, November 12, 2004

Scott Peterson and Arafat

We begin with the verdict in the Scott Peterson case. The main topic of conversation seems to be about how one of the jurors has a law degree and may have done some homework on his own about the case.

People have told TK that's been interrupting Andy Polley in the morning and that Andy should just hit Tony.

Briefly, there's mention of the Arafat funeral. TK wonders how people never seem to get killed when people fire guns in the air like that. And it seems like everyone has a gun. And wonders if any of the Palestinians are upset that it turns out that Arafat had over a billion dollars in the bank. And he may have died with some of the account codes in his head.

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How bout Linda Cohn?

The early recap... (more later)

* Everyone rips off Erik Rydholm
* Salisbury vs. Clayton
* Biggest disappointment so far in the NFL -- Skins, Pokes, Chefs or Panthers?
*Mustang Sally's anti-baseball column in the Post today
* Paul Daughtery from the Cincinnati Enquirer on the Skins/Bungles game this Sunday
* More on Ron Artest
* The Swami James Carville makes picks
-- UGA +4.5 Auburn, Boise State-32 Fresno State, Texans +9 Colts, Ole Miss +10 Arkansas

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sports Content? No kidding.

On today's show (more later)...

* some suits from Binghamton hit up TK for an endowment
* John Riggins on the NFL Films special he did with Steve Sabol
* Bill Livingston from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Maurice Clarett and OSU
* USA Today's David Dupree on Ron Artest ("he's not well"), the Lakers ("Kobe is the most hated player in the league") and brief movie talk
* Who does Andy hate worse - "contest pigs" or "cockroach callers"?
* discussing "King George" Michael and 20 years of the Sports Machine
* The radio version of the Kevin Bacon Game
* Old Guy Radio today -- Beach Boys "Don't Worry Baby" (TK's favorite song)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004


The recap is coming. I was away all day. Sorry.

Some highlights:

Wilbon, Junior and Bos talking about the stadium deal in DC.

Also, phone calls, emails and the return of Gary 'Big Time' Braun.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Pre-Launch Update

Here's some news, fresh off the phone from Mr. Tony himself, asking your questions (well, my questions, as asked by emailers):

1. Will there be phone calls? -- maybe, probably at some point.

2. Will there be emails? -- Oh sure. The address (something involving "this show stinks") is yet TBA. Once we get it, you'll get it.

3. Email jingle? -- Yes. In fact, Gary "Big Time" Braun may be on the first show tomorrow.

4. Old regulars? -- Many of the old familiar faces (and Wilbon). Mel will likely be picking games this week on the show. Look for most of the friends of the show (Ryan, Sam Smith, ...). And, of course, there's Wilbon.

5. Movie reviews? -- Yes. Stephen Hunter is working on his next book, so either Stephen or Joe Barber will be on the show on Fridays. And Lisa De Moreas will be on the show, talking TV.

There's your primer. Remember, 9 AM at Sportstalk 980. Be there, you dope.

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Tony at a game?

As TK told us in his column today, he was at the Wizards game on Saturday.

TK is already fretting about his show (STARTING TOMORROW). And Czabe is happy as some of TK's demands have led to more bathroom opportunities. Although if someone is in there when TK has to go, he's getting his privacy. Similarly, TK has "his own" bathroom at home, which is on the top floor of Chez Kornheiser.

As for the DC baseball situation, TK wonders who the mystery stadium builder is (cough Dan Snyder cough) that got the stadium vote delayed today in City Council. And Linda Cropp, TK thinks, doesn't understand what happened when you tinker with sports issues, things that everyone cares about. Who else could it be? Uncle Abe Pollin? Bobcat Johnson? Would baseball greenlight the sale of the team to whomever builds the stadium? It's a thought.

TK doesn't mind the city paying for the infrastructure if someone privately funds the stadium. And people in DC may have been jaded because Jack Kent Cooke and Uncle Abe bought paid for stadia themselves.

Big News: Junior will be returning. TK joked that he already doesn't like his rate.

REMEMBER -- 9 AM to 11 AM and 11 AM to 1 PM. TOMORROW

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Monday, November 08, 2004

More Brunell Bashing

So what if there was a win? Skins fans still want to complain about the putrid performance of QB Mark Brunell.

TK fell on the side that said "Gibbs isn't going to change, so why bother?"

Also, TK got miffed at Andy for throwing Fred Smoot quotes his way. This was during the time when some of the Skins were comparing themselves to the Super Bowl Ravens teams (all D, no O). It is to laugh.

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