Friday, February 18, 2005

Va Tech > Va in DC?

According to TK, there are more fans of VA Tech in the DC metro area than UVA (says Post research).

Craig Eschreck (sp) to New Mexico State?

Andy brings up an ESPN survey about Steroids, where most people Bonds took the juice.

Feldy asks about The Nats in Florida and how long will they be relevant.

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A New cast member

It appears that Gary's wife Kim will be doing occasionally be doing traffic reports, as she takes their kid to school.

The opening discussion is about Teddy Bruschi and whether he'll be able to recover from his apparent stroke.

** Barry Svrluga -- In Spring training with the Nats. Barry tells great story about Boz bringing old Senators' baseball cards with him on the trip. Frank Robinson has been great, not "crusty" as TK would have expected.

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nats not on WTEM

The Nats won't be on 980, so no free tickets for MR. Tony. They'll be on an FM station for night games and another AM station for day games.

Then, talk about the Terps last night. The less said, the better.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Nice to know you, NHL

The cancellation of the NHL season the topic du jour.

** Jason La Canfore -- Although no longer the Post's hockey writer, he still has his connections. Goodenow will probably be out after the next deal gets done, but not before.
** Eric Prisbill -- talking about MD's upset by NC State last night. (you can bet no Gary on teh show today)
** David Aldridge -- in Denver for Black Thanksgiving, DA talks about the NHL dead and how it might be a portend for the NBA. Also, league news and notes discussion, including the coaching futures of Mo Cheeks and Kevin McHale.
** Old Guy Radio -- Gene Pitney.
** Rants -- TK turns down another dinner invitation. Satchmo really doesn't want to get stuck with some guy or gal and deal with the uncomfortable silences. Andy gets some rants in about the cockroaches for the second time today.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Where's Junior

[note: The rest of today's recap will be delayed, possibly until tomorrow. I'll be travelling and away from the computer. Thanks.]

The show begins with TK talking about his lack of knowledge and interest of NASCAR. Wilbon wants more NASCAR on the tv show (Jeff Gordon may be on PTI today). He may watch some of it, if he's home and has nothing to do on Sunday (the Daytona 500 that is).

TK throws out that there may be a NHL deal, just one that he doesn't know about right now.

** Bob Ryan -- talks about two former Boston athletes -- Drew Bledsoe and Kevin McHale. Also quick talk about Scott Pioli's decision to stay in Boston for less money.

** Ron Sirek from Golf World -- Is Phil on happy drugs? TK wants to know. Ron says he has been working with a sports psychiatrist, but doesn't know about the drugs. We learn that Michael loves to try and hit funky wedge shots like Phil does.

** Junior -- Despite being banned, Junior appears in his weekly segment. Junior also asks why Tk won't stop calling him "Junior" and doesn't like it when strangers call him that in public. On to basketball matters... TK asks about UNC freshman Marvin Williams, who is a sixth man and some people think could be the first pick in the NBA draft.

** Old Guy Radio -- Kinks, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion." Lahecka's website is up now. It's at

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Swimsuit Issue -- passe?

Czabe gives a quick plug for the Letterman appearance next week.

Topic 1 -- SI swimsuit issue. Is it run its course, since there's SO much porn out there. TK thinks it's a rite of passage. Plus, it's something to talk about on a slow news day, in the Post-Super Bowl malaise.

Topic 2 -- Allen Iverson. Does he want out? One place says yes, one says no. What's he worth now? TK thinks the only equitable value is LaBron or Kobe, and those won't happen. Iverson has not played with a multiple-time All-Star on his team. TK thinks the best guy to play with AI would be Ben Wallace.

Topic 3 -- NHL , finally dead or shortened season? TK brings up that no one complains about the Redskins' Super Bowl wins in strike years. Czabe wonders if the fans will have the $ to come back this season, since everyone wrote it off for dead.

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Meet the Nats, Greet the Nats

Misc. business to start the show, including the fact the guy who owns will give the domain to Mr. Tony for his use. Then onto the Michael Jackson witness list and Mary Kay Latourno (sp), for your criminality portion of the show.

** Sam Smith -- Wilbon not going to the all-star game (aka Black Thanksgiving) this year, which shocks TK and Sam. Talk about the collapse of the T-Wolves and how this may be Kevin McHale's swan song in MN.

** Larry Brooks, NY Post -- ETA on the NHL being DOA -- 1 PM tomorrow, although they've been apparently negotiating yesterday and maybe today. Larry thinks the league has been underestimated the intelligence of the players.

** Boswell -- from spring training, Boz writes about pitchers and catchers today in the Post. Boz thinks, if things go well, the Nats might finish above .500. Tony seems excited the team has a pitcher named Harry Potter.

** Old (Gal) Radio -- The Crystals, "the Rebel" --

** Grammy ratings. Down -- beat by Desperate Housewives in the ratings, with its lowest ratings in ten years.

** Spring Training memories -- TK talks about how when he was a young baseball fan, he knew all the cities where Spring Training is held. Now, many teams have been added and more have moved.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

MD-duke aftermath

TK talked about the MD/Duke game and how they had Gary Williams on PTI today.

This diverges into a discussion about how more comfortable people are on radio than on TV. DA (today's guest) agrees.

More talk about the post-game rioting in College Park. TK thinks the photos of the people rioting should be expelled.

A brief happy trails to Dick Weber, who passed away today.

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Grammys and sports

TK begins with talking about the new Old Guy Radio Gear and the confusion on who the super secret TK Board wanted to nominate to date Char.

Then, Canseco on 60 Minutes. TK dissects the piece and rags on Lupica for his appearance talking about it on the today show this morning.

** Kirkjian -- Instead of Canseco, we begin with rumors about Bonds being spread (on Geraldo) by "his former mistress."

** Maske -- since football is over, talks some college hoops. He also talked about a sidd Finch like story he wrote in HS at DeMatha.

** Wilbon -- starts with a discussion of Million Dollar Baby. Wilbon liked it. Wilbon also gave love to Hotel Rwanda. [I saw it last night and think it might be better than Baby or Aviator] MW also ragged on people who would waste their lives by watching the Pro Bowl.

** TK discusses the Grammys -- didn't like the Southern rockers, liked Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys (who he really doesn't care for much), liked JLO and Marc Anthony, loved Melissa Etheridge (and her bald head), and loved Green Day.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

LIve from ...

I'm up in NYC for a few days, so the report will either be LIVE or very late, depending on what my schedule is like.

(Look for a special report on the magazine's blog about a new Broadway play tomorrow.)

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