Friday, February 11, 2005

RIP Arthur Miller

We begin by talking about the Death of Arthur Miller today, which happened too late for TK to talk about this morning. Tk calls Death of a Salesman the greatest American play ever written.

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Old Guy Radio Gear

Today's show begins off-format with an interview with MD coach Gary Williams. Discussion includes the ACC scheduling practices, DUKE-UNC, MD's season and TK's lawsuit with Junior.

** The rambling opening segment (in segment 2) was about the Nats and Boswell's column today.
** Phil Mushnick, NY Post -- NFL, Fox and
** Joe Barber on movies -- HITCH (better than the trailers make it look), MILLION DOLLAR BABY (TK finally saw it, so he and Joe discuss the picture) and the upcoming Oscar race.
** Old Guy Radio -- DonHenley, Boys of Summer
** Product -- soon, hats, t-shirts and sweats will be available at (not yet though, the site's not up)
** Tony's Alzheimer's moment -- TK and Wilbon do not remember Tyler Kepner (who writes for the Times and was a PTI guest yesterday), who was in intern at the Post in 1997
** Mailbag -- nominees for "Date My Trainer." I apparently am too young for the Lovely Char.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The case of Kornheiser v. Feinstein

** Abbie Lowell, Smartest Man in Washington -- Advising TK on his potential lawsuit with Junior
** Jim O'Connell -- The Ock makes his return to the show. Discusses the Big East, Illinois and the weird connection between the top teams in the country (UNC, Kansas and Illinois).
** Barry Svrluga -- Post's baseball beat guy talking about the Nationals (and TK's column today about them)
** David Aldridge -- NBA Round-up -- more use of the "Where's the Cake?" Drop
** Old Gal Radio -- Carole King
** Update on "Date My Trainer," TK's attempt to hook up the Lovely Char

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

gary vs the press

Before TK came on, Knocke was putting forth the College Park spin (ie, Gary) that the local media, especially the Post, has been negative in their coverage of this year's Terps. Andy and Steve disagree to a point.

TK of course disagrees. He thinks it's just Gary being Gary and is just trying to rally the troops.

Tk also mentions "his lawsuit" against Feinstein (from this morning's TK show).

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Where's the cake?

Uncle Abe outdid himself yesterday by giving a cake to his two All-Stars (who he called his three all-stars): Antoine Jamison and Gilbert Arenas.

And now, TK discusses (rips) Junior's book. TK wants to sue for libel.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Donovan F McNabb

We begin with the great clip from today of Abe Pollin's congratulations for his three (but really two) All-Stars and giving them cake.

Then, we talk about McNabb possibly being vomitious during the Super Bowl.Does that excuse his performance late in the game?

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TK begins the show by talking about Liza's appearance on the Today show. Short version, she's still nuts.

TK also spent the opening segment ranting about his new studio (down the hall at the same station).

** Tim Kirkjian -- Canseco's book and whatnot

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Very little Super Bowl talk (oddly)

We begin with talking about the clip of Coach K fainting over the weekend. TK doesn't think they should be showing it incessantly and if he was another coach, he'd use it against him.

Then talk about Canseco's book. Feh.

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Super Bowl redux

All about the Super Bowl.


TK also rates the commercials. Remember kids, monkeys=comedy.

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