Friday, January 21, 2005

more Snow fears

Of course, we begin with the never-ending discussion about the upcoming snowstorm. TK says he might not even make it to Monday's show.

Then, talk about Clemens and his $18 million deal.

TK picked Philly and New England on PTI today, where he was also wearing a bow tie Fred-Exed by Freddie Mitchell.

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Stephanie Guitar Miller

TK begins by talking about the Inauguration again. While not on the same side as W, TK likes the pomp and circumstance of the event itself.

** DA -- in Pittsburgh for the AFC title game. Also some hoop talk

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

More traffic issues

The traffic, as it turns out, was not that bad for TK, probably due to everything being closed and people having the day off.

The notion of what the "gimmick food" would be at the Nationals' games would be (like Boog's BBQ in Baltimore). TK could really care less about this topic. TK doesn't really see the point of copying stuff from another stadium.

About the Wake Forest kid who made the throat slash and missed the free throw. PTI got an email jihad about the topic, since Tk and MW did it yesterday on TV. Tk thinks that the kid should be suspended for doing the slash.

Briefly, talk about whehter Moss is tradable or not and would the Danny be interested?

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Living in America (and DC)

We begin, as usual, with discussion of DC traffic and weather. Then, moving on to the Inauguration and its theme, TK briefly talked about "Freedom" and some of the administration's policies.

** Ed Bouchette, Pit Post-Gazette -- NFL talk
** Mel Kiper Jr – Mel picks the Falcons & Steelers
** Wilbon – discussing the Jack Johnson PBS documentary
** Old Guy Radio – Jay and the Americans – in honor of Inauguration Day
** Assorted Post stories – Shales on Les Moonves, Barrett Robbins and more

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Van Man

The first segment is all about TK's travel travails last night, trying to get from PTI to a restaurant, due to Van Man, a noddnik threatening to blow himself up.

And today and tomorrow, Inagural stuff will make traffic in DC HELL. TK also broke out the stun gun.

** Bob Ryan on the Pats and other stuff

** Junior -- talks about staying the hotel at West Point. Tk and Junior also talk about where they were during the Miracle on Ice game in 1980. Also, more talk about the Ravens (since Junior is writing a book on them) and their staffing changes.

** Old Guy Radio -- Bob Seger
** Does Les Moonves hate Listen Up? TK thinks so, based on comments Moonves made in Los Angeles yesterday.
** TK talks about Josh Barr's Post article about a homeschooled kid playing for a HS basketball team in suburban DC

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Collecting A bet from DA

TK brings up a 12-year old bet he made with David Aldridge about Bobby Sura. Yes, that's how long ago the wager was. He's played in the league THAT long.

DA freely admits when he is wrong, like when he said Jared Jeffries would be better than Amare Stoudamire (sp).

DA also poo-poos the Curse of Les Boulez. TK calls him a fool.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

the Donald

A good portion of the opening segment was spent on Donald Trump's upcoming wedding and just how young and foreign his new bride was, compared to the Donald.

** Michael Lee from the Post on Les Boulez
** Jeff Van Note -- former Falcon now broadcaster on Vick and Atlanta

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Monday, January 17, 2005

NFL playoff review

Going over the playoff games from the weekend...

** Mark Maske
** Willy Buns

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