Friday, November 05, 2004

More on TK's return

Of course, the big news today was the return of Tony's show. It will be 9-11 and then repeated from 12-1. (TAKE A SEAT, COWHERD, YOU NO-TALENT!)

(Thanks for the plug, Tony)

Everyone at 980 was there (except Czaban) to welcome Tony back to the station when he came in this morning. TK said he was very moved and the salespeople were probably happy they had someone to tell.

Yes, Andy will be back, in the Norton role he loves so much.

As for other news, there's a brief discussion about the new DC stadium proposal, one that would call for a new stadium next to RFK and not down by the river. TK didn't see the need to put a stadium elsewhere and now, if he were MLB, he wouldn't bring the team to DC now. This woman (Linda Cropp) was a big cheerleader when the announcement was made and now she wants a different deal. And the mayor must feel like Caesar right now. He said basically what TK said, this new deal will mean no team.

And if the DC council does this, baseball will NEVER come to DC proper. Czaban briefly tried to tout the NVA site (ha ha).

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Odessa Steps Magazine

The News We've All Been Waiting For.. TK RETURNS!

From today's Radio and Records:

Tony Kornheiser Returns To WTEM/Washington

R&R has confirmed that Kornheiser, who gave up his WTEM-based ESPN Radio show earlier this year, will return to "The Team" on Wednesday, Nov. 10, to host a new live and local radio show from 9-11am, Monday-Friday. Kornheiser will also continue as co-host of ESPN's weekday show Pardon the Interruption, along with fellow Washington Post sportswriter Michael Wilbon.

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

More on TO

We begin with the TO/Ray Ray thing again. And TK is still amazed that TO dropped the "double murder" angle with his quotes. And also thinks that TO has a persecution complex. On the field, Ray is praised and TO is villified.

El Riggo agrees that it's amazing that Ray has become the poster child for the league after being connected to a murder trial. Riggo just sees TO as a funloving guy (albeit misguided) and Ray is a dark and moody figure and would be an anti-hero archetype.

And if the Eagles win the Super Bowl, TO would get plenty of attention and endorsements (although not as much as Donovan F McNabb). And even Andy Reid doesn't think TO is a bad guy off the field.

TK got annoyed with Andy, who compares to TO to classic Muhammed Ali.

There was a brief conversation about TK's column from the other day (TK flip flopping on the Sean Taylor situation). Riggo thought that Gibbs may have done it to protect Taylor from the press.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-election blues

We begin by TK asking who that woman was on the show yesterday (that would be Carol Maloney from Comcast Sportsnet). TK had no problem with her, just no one had told him there was going to be any other guests. Czabe quickly tried to blame Galdi, but TK said it's like Ashlee Simpson blaming her band.

On to the election. TK watched a variety of channels last night (except Fox) and found ABC too technological for him. TK liked how Rather appeared to be disgusted with everything. NBC didn't call the whole thing until the Today Show did this morning and he thought Brokaw was disappointed that nothing big happened last night. (Czaban points out that NBC could have called it if they wanted, but they would have had to call it for W.)

Wally Backman - Andy doesn't think he should be hired, due to the domestic abuse allegations uncovered by the NY Times. Is it worse than O'Leary's transgretions at Notre Dame? TK thinks the ND thing is worse, since it's an academic institution. TK said he would be stunned if the D'Backs didn't actually know about this. Andy thinks it sends a bad message, since they are trying to sell tickets to women and children.

Terrell Owens continues to take shots at Ray Lewis, bringing up the double murder charges and wondering why people hate him and not Lewis. TK had a good chuckle about this.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today's TK column

TK's column today features both discussions of Sean Taylor and Chimiqua Holdsclaw.

Before discussing it, TK talks about the process of writing it and talk about how sports columnists have to write about things in a shorter turn around than other columinsts in the paper.

And, with a couple days reflection on said topics, TK mentioned that his opinions Taylor and Gibbs had flip-flopped since the stories broke last week.

This segued into a discussion of male and female mindsets regarding teammates. It seems to TK that female players are more accepting of atypical behavior than men would, for example, how teammates did toward Barrett Robbins and Ricky Williams.

Conveniently, there's a woman in the studio (Comcast's Carol Maloney) to actually represent the distaff perspective.

We briefly discuss Jim Bowden's hiring as interim GM of Les Expos, which TK likens to winning "Dream Jobs." It's a job that will be gone as soon as the new owners find their own man. The #1 player for the job is Cal Ripken. Czabe fears an MJ situation.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Brunell thru thick and thin

We begin again with Brunell talk. What else. Gibbs won't be changing QBs, so why discuss it anymore.

And the Skins have gotten thru "the easy part" of their schedule, with Philly and Pittsburgh coming in the next month.

TK thought that Mike Wise's column today was off-base, but it was written by "an outsider." The fans won't turn on Gibbs, no matter how bad it gets. They'll just go after The Danny again.

New coaches and new players every year don't help matters.

As for Wilbon's column, same old same old: Defense good, offense bad. And quoted Darren Sharper (one of the NFL's smartest players) about Brunell not being what he once was.

Mark Coale
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