Friday, November 19, 2004

The perils of drving in the District

Breaking News~! Wilbon wore a tie on PTI today. SHOCKING!!

Andy begins by asking about OnStar. Why? Because Buchhantz got lost on his way to do the Maryland game. TK didn't renew (since it's expensive). There is much mocking of Buck and now has called him to defend himself. TK gives him directions but tells him that he has "no chance" to get there in time. And he recommends that he call Junior to get him to fill in for him.

And now, about Joe Paterno's "exit strategy" and an emotional talk he gave where he said it was a "pleasure" to be the coast at Penn State.

Also, a brief discussion about Jim Bowden's acquisition of Jose Guillen for the Nats from Anaheim. Everyone is worried about a potential nutcase coming to town. And TK says it's not fair to saddle the new owners with a GM and Manager already.

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Happy Birthday, Wilbon!

MW turns 46 today. He shares his birthday with a lot of people including Larry King.

** Joe Barber and movie reviews
** Junior
** Old Guy Radio - The Guess Who

Plus, I get two emails read. Yay me.

More later.

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

The wit and wisdom of Riggo

We begin with Riggo explaining his infamous "all-defensive" team.

TO leads PTI again today, the Tony Dungy reace stuff. Wilbon was critical of Dungy's views of things. TK discusses how more accepting of diversity in today's society, compared to a few decades ago.

Riggo wasn't sure he understood why Dungy's comments were so incendiary and then TK explained the whole "interracial" part of his quotes. Riggo thinks that not everyone sees it the same way as TK and Wilbon and understands that people would see the "mandingo" scenario. And why Dungy brought up Kobe seemed oddly out of place.

And there's the fact she was wearing a cross, which almost no one has brought up.

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Like a Complete Unknown

Much more later (I had a different schedule today)

** ESPN analyst Trev Alberts, on Bob Stoops' and Steve Spurrier
** Howard Feinman, talking about the new Bush cabinet (on a sports show no less)
** Maryland Hoops Coach Gary Williams
** TK dissects (and disses) the Rolling Stone Top 500 Songs list -- TK didn't like their list, even though he loves Dylan, the Stones, the Beach Boys and the Beatles
** BION, calls from the cockroaches

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Gary Williams

How much longer will Gary Williams be at MD? Knocke says he's a young 59 and would be shocked if he didn't stay another 5 years or so. TK thought he was ready to bail a few years ago, but now, he's in great shape and has no desire to go right now. Would he coach anywhere else? Maybe an NBA job, says TK, but really doubtful. And the synergy between Fridge and Gary (contract wise) is great for him. And as TK says, neither of them are "happy people," but just might be happy with the way things have turned out.

TK's wife thinks the morning show "is too angry." And Andy thinks Angry=Good and yelling is cathartic.

And TK killed Dungy (a little) for his pious stance on the MNF/TO thing. And the whole flap is a win/win situation for ABC. Czaban wonders what if anyone even knows what the game is next week.

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More on the MNF flap

** MNF flap day two-- TK thinks it should have been an A1 story in the Post (it was in McPaper). As TK said yesterday afternoon, he thought it went over the line (thought Wilbon did not, when they discussed it on PTI). TK hates people who play the "what about the children?" card. TK's reason for disliking the skit has to do with sports being a "safety zone." Gary talked about the technical specs of the shoot, which had to be done with the knowledge of the Eagles and therefore, the NFL. And how about the NFL being in bed with the boner drugs? ESPN (which ABC owns) caved last year with Playmakers. And now ABC< still negotiating to renew MNF, isn't going to cause waves.
** Jason Aledxander was on Letterman last night and TK got name-dropped.
** Sam Smith from the Chicago Tribune --

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A new view on the MNF sketch

TK has now seen the MNF opening and thinks it over the line. MNF is seen all over the country in the dinner hour and it's over the line, especially when you consider all the ramifications. TK brought up the Saving Private Ryan flap from last week. Was it clever and funny? Yes, but still over the line says TK. And ABC is going to cave, since they are still in negotiations with the NFL for their new contract. Czabe wondered where the "white stakes" are for this sketch. If she didn't drop the towel, would it be okay? and then there's the spectre of the "white woman" angle, which some people have suggested is part of the outcry. TK also took the time to slam "Sex and the City" and the horse-face toilet mouth, Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Day 5 - the Whining Starts

We begin today with TK complaining about a) the bathroom situation and b) the lack of catered breakfast, both of which were part of his demands for coming back. He promises not to be back Monday unless they are addressed.

* Anna Nicole Smith is nuts. TK played clips from the AMA awards and wondered just what was she on during her air-time.
* TK's cousin Seth visits - He's the smart kid who went to Princeton.
* Cabinet Shake-up - TK talks about how he met the outgoing Agriculture Secretary at James Carville's birthday party. This segues into a discussion about how Gary won filmed some stuff with W in the White House. And back to the original discussion, where we talk about Condi Rice. Seth thinks this is a bad choice, since it will upset people around the world. TK counters by saying that it's a great political move.
* Later, phone calls about Junior and TK's trip to Jr's book party.

** El Riggo -- TO was good before, but now is seeminly unstoppable. Riggo says that Philly is just a superior right now. TK used to dislike TO, but "calls him my daddy." As for the QB changes for the week, Riggo is in favor of Eli Manning getting the Giants job over Kurt Warner. As for Patrick Ramsey, it's obvious that Gibbs didn't want to do it, but even he can't fight City Hall. And TK thinks that Gibbs has to goto Hasselbeck next before going back to Brunell.

** Trump -- TK says he's one of the few people who gets to play himself 24/7 (others include Bill Clinton and Bill Bradlee). There's an analysis of all the "billionaire reality" shows, the Cuban show (which died against LISTEN UP) and the new Richard Branson show (which has also tanked). TK played a hilarious clip of Trump TRASHING Branson's show. And we all know to TK loves people who trash their enemies.

** Junior's Book Party -- Junior was suprisingly well-dressed. TK calls Red Auerbach "a treasure" and is the greatest coach in NBA history. He retired in 1967 (at 50 years old) to concentrate at being a GM. And you could go to the China Doll today and see Red having lunch today.

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Today's show... (more later)

* Problems with Streaming - "The Dinger" is working on it
* Belittling Sports Talk radio callers - "cockroaches" to use Andy's words

** Be Careful what you wish for -- Ramsey in, Brunell out. TK says that everyone has been clamoring for it, and now you have it. TK was also amazed by the quantity and quality of the booing the Fed Ex crowd gave to Brunell in the first half. Wilbon has given up on the season. TK kills him for this, since Wilbon wants to talk about the next Skins' QB NEXT YEAR, but Wilbon hates when TK talks about the Sawks and Yankees on PTI.
** Mark Maske from the Post -- Around the NFL. Mike Martz, Ramsey/Brunell,...
** Wilbon to lead off the second hour -- TK recaps his anti-Wilbon stance earlier with MW on the phone. Wilson's response, "Drew Brees, baby." MW brings up how his sorry, no-account Bears are always on the QB carosel and now the Skins are too. TK thought the quick hook Sunday was uncharacteristic for Gibbs. Was it too quick? No, says MW. Andy called Brunell's performance Sunday "[Heath] Shuler bad." The tough question, according to TK, "Has Gibbs failed so far?" MW says that the team is less complete than it was last year, even with a Defense that will probably still be # 1 this week. MW also might be on the "Gibbs as coach, not GM" bandwagon.

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