Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Back from Vacation (finally)

TK is finally back (although not on TV). He was in upstate NY and then Vermont, visiting relatives and playing golf. TK's cousin in Vermont is "the first Jewish goat farmer since the Old Testament."

TK came back just in time to watch the Redskins game on Monday night. TK complained about meaningless exhibition games and players getting injured. TK advocates the 18 game season and 2 preseason games, but knows it won't happebn, thanks to all the $$$ generated.

The Skins today brought back Ray Brown, who is so old that he was part of TK's Bandwagon columns in 1991.

TK's impression of a sheep, heard in Vermont: Mmmmmmah, not Baaaaaaa.

TK, Andy and Thom Laverro also discussed the Terrell Owens/Jeff Garcia brouhaha. TK quickly branded TO "a jerk," and probably not for the first time.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine