Wednesday, October 05, 2005

raison d'etre

Sorry the blog hasn't been updated in a while. A new schedule has made it incondusive for timely (daily) postings. A return in the future is not out of the realm of possibility.

And, just for you, Nerd King Deutoronomy:

Mr. Pot. Mr. Kettle. They are waiting on Mr. Black.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Nerds on Parade

We'll be at Baltimore Comicon this weekend. You can hear all about the FAGLAP in person and see the trophy I "won" for taking the cart path bump.

As for the other "news" today, to quote Nelson ...


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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Just awesome. Much more at a later time.

And, for the Cat Suit, you already have plenty of these, here are some more

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Monday, July 25, 2005

TK returns

Yes, Tony is back. from vacation, not "vacation."

-- TK played golf with Hootie again. Despite playing "the best golf of his life," TK and George Burger got smoked.

-- What was up with the 4-letter skipping DC on their "50 states in 50 days" tour? TK explains how some dope wanted to come on and talk about it, but he didn't post.

-- Wilbon talked about what TK missed while he was on vacation. Also, whether Celine Dion is his favorite vocalist.

-- TK also talked about a copy-editor from the Post who passed away in a kayaking accident.


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Sunday, July 24, 2005




8 days until NERD GOLF!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wacko Jacko

TK begins with the Michael Jackson verdict and all that follows.

Abbie Lowell -- Jackon reaction
Lenny Shapiro -- US Open Preview and Sabbtini reaction
Sam Smith -- Finals talk and MORE about Larry Brown

briefly mentioned was the return of Keith Olbermann to ESPN (for an hour each week on the radio with Dan Patrick) and more on the saga of the Old Guy Radio Gear on the website.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

breaking news

Discussion of the Jacko verdict and justice for celebrities. We all know how Andy loves to see rich people punished.

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DC Sports weekend

Nats, golf, Tyson. TK discusses it all today.

-- Scott Van Pelt -- Booz recap and talk about Rory Sabbitini's jerk move
-- DA -- NBA Game 2 recap
-- Wilbon -- Tyson and basketball

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Professor Tony?

Tk again talks about the Shirley Povich chair being endowed at U/MD. Andy thinks TK would be a horrible grader, but great lecturer. Lavarro has done some teaching at American, so Thom shared some of his thoughts on the matter.

Of more import, TK will have AC tomorrow at the Booz Allen remote at Congressional.

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Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

TK starts the show by talking about his trip to Congressional with Seinfeld co-creator Peter Melman. Also, some schmoozing with Nick Price.

-- Bob Ryan -- NBA playoff talk
-- Junior
-- Old Guy Radio -- Mrs. Robinson, in honor of Anne Bancroft's death yesterday.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A win for the Camp Counselor

The main topic today was the Pistons' win over the Heat last night.

-- Barry Svrluga on the First Place Nats
-- Sam Smith on NBA playoffs and other league news
-- Old Guy Radio - Happy Birthday TOM JONES

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Monday, June 06, 2005

more on Sean Taylor

We start (with Andy, Steve and Lavarro at Morton's) with TK ranting about Bobby Bonilla, who is at the dinner tonight and his bad experience with him. Lavarro said that Bonilla was thebest person he ever covered.

And more talk about Sean Taylor. TK doesn't see the need to get rid of him NOW, since many times athletes beat raps all the time. And we finally hear the Tre Johnson comments that were mentioned on th show this morning.

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Trouble for the boys from the U

Brief sports talk about the Nats (first place) and Sean Taylor (more later). TK talked about his watching TV last night, including the Tony Awards and the premieres of "The Comeback" and "Entourage" on HBO.

-- Wilbon -- on Sean Taylor and the NBA playoffs (MW in Miami)
-- Bill Livingston -- commenting on Kellen Winslow Sr's comments
-- Jason LaConfora -- more Sean Taylor

TK also talked about watching the Memorial on CBS yesterday.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Yes, more Deep Throat talk

Tk talks about how Woodward/Bernstein made the Post it is today.

Also, talk about George Solomon's becoming ESPN's in-house ombudsman. Yeah, right. ESPN is to criticism what Junior is to fashion: they just don't mix.

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Deep Thoughts about Deep Throat

Of course, the big story is Deep Throat being revealed. many stories today about Woodward and Bernstein and TK's beloved Washington Post.

-- bob Ryan -- NBA talk in the only sports segment
-- Howard Feinman (Newsweek) on DT
-- Junior on DT and working with Bob Woodward

TK also talked about his dinner with Don Graham last night (scheduled before all this broke) and how Graham read them his editorial in Today's Post.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Satchmo vs Hootie

TK spent most of the opening segment talking about his golf outing with Hootie, one of the other blowfish and George Berger at RTJ. Hootie shot 37 on the back nine and Tk believes they were probably hustled.

-- Wilbon on NBA playoffs and his holiday activities
-- Mike Massano on Indy and Dannica Patrick

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Best of

Friday -- Best of (with one TK call-in from RTJ)

Monday -- Best of

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Tony starts the crow by eating some crow about Dwayne Wade, who had 40 last night in Miami's win over Detroit. After that, American Idol talk (more later with Lisa de Moraes).

-- David Dupree -- playoff talk -- love for Wade, the Camp Counselor and the Spurs
-- Lisa De Moraes -- Idol talk
-- Joe Barber -- movie talk -- Madagascar & The Longest Yard

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Queen in town

Topic A (since it just happened) is the new owner of the Mystics, Dr Sheila Johnson, former wife of Bobcats owner and BET founder Bob Johnson. Tk gives us some backstory between Abe and Bob Johnson. Tk also equates the Mystics' "attendance banners" with Cub Scout badges. And the WNBA is a loss leader for the league, so who really cares.

More about the "friction" between TK and Mike Wise, talking about Mike bringing a Darth Vader mask to Full Court Press last week.

And tonight is the Lottery. For once, it flew under the radar in DC.

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revenge of the Chimps

Even though it came late in the show, today's top story was the long piece in the Post about everyone's favorite chimp, Moe, his dopey "parents" and how they were mauled by Ollie and Mollie a couple months ago.

-- Rachel Nichols -- from Miami -- NBA talk and fashion tips
-- Josh Peters from NO Times-Picayune -- pimping his book on the rodeo circuit
-- Sam Smith -- from Phoenix -- NBA talk and Wilbon's distain for dry heat
-- Old Guy Radio -- Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing MN

Also talk about the (bogus?) Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes relationship and the infamous "1/2 +" rules for dating younger men/women.
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Monday, May 23, 2005

guys from the U

The segment starts with discussion about TK's column today, about nominally all the NFL players from Miami and their behavior.

Jim O'Brien out in Philly. Mo Cheeks finally comes home.

they will the Post's sports editor on tomorrow to talk about O's coverage in the Post. TK again doesn't get the venom from the Anti-O's (anti-Angelos) factions.

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MR Tony and his 3 Assistants

TK finally went to see Ricky Jay's show in DC over the weekend. Having seen it opening night, it's as good as he described it.

-- Greg Code, Herald -- previewing Heat/Pistons
-- Andy Beyer -- Prekness recap and how Afleet Alex avoided disaster
-- Wilbon -- Suns/Spurs and other hijinx
-- Old Guy Radio -- Isley Brothers
-- Where was TK on Friday? Playing Baltusrol in Jersey.

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Friday, May 20, 2005

Best of

Tk was off playing golf in Jersey, so no show today.

Best of Segements include....

-- Ollie and Molly
-- TK's Bracket and Junior hording Pizzas
-- Fundraising differences between PENN and BINGHAMTON
-- TK's Kitchen remodeling

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

playing the race card

Andy trumpets taking the metro to the Nats game this afternoon.

We veer off sports to talk about Larry King's testimony being disallowed in the michael jackson trail. write your own jokes.

Back to sports, Billy Hunter playing the race card in the NBA negotiations. Wilbon doesn't like Hunter, since he apparently called Wilbon "an Uncle Tom" in reference to an 'anti-player' column a few years ago.

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Nats Notes

Tk spends segment one discussing the Nats game last night, which he gleefully pointed he wanted on his cable system while andy polley could not.

-- Andy Beyer -- Preakness picks -- Greeley's Galaxy is Andy's choice.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tony Gloats, Andy Weeps

TK was shocked to come home last night to find out that RCN (formerly STAR*POWER), his cable provider, had come to a deal with the Nats and games would be on his cable, starting LSAT NIGHT. This led to a show-long debate about eh monopolies of local cable companies and the like.

-- Bob Ryan -- NBA talk -- more complaining about timeslots for good games
-- Stephen Hunter -- Thumbs up for STAR WARS, for the action not the acting
-- Junior -- tennis talk and we learn Junior is sort of a Trekkie

TK also went to a Smithsonian event last night, (put on by childhood friend Brent Glass) honoring Salsa Music and Celia Cruz.

OH yeah, Listen Up was also cancelled. Don't cry too much for TK. He'll finally be able to wear his staff jacket.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mr Dixon goes to Congress

Talk about Juan Dixon being one of the NBA players called to testify before Congress. It must be because he's local. Why else?

Speaking of steroids, what about Bud's claim to go along with the 2-year steroid ban? TK says that Fehr and Orza (who hi-jacked baseball) are fighting a losing battle on this one.

and the Ollympics? Plenty of cheating....

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Journalism 101

TK begins by talking about how Cheryl Ladd was a potential guest (pimping her new golf book) and how TK only wanted her on if she would talk about famous people with whom she had slept. Then, a radical topic change to discuss the Newsweek stuff and their apology/retraction of the Guantanamo Bay/Koran story.
Howard Kurtz -- Newsweek flap and more on Mitch Albom
Leonard Shapiro -- Jack, Tiger and Annika
Sam Smith -- NBA's stupid scheduling
Darius Rucker -- Satchmo and Hootie set a golfing date

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Journalism 101

TK begins by talking about how Cheryl Ladd was a potential guest (pimping her new golf book) and how TK only wanted her on if she would talk about famous people with whom she had slept. Then, a radical topic change to discuss the Newsweek stuff and their apology/retraction of the Guantanamo Bay/Koran story.

Howard Kurtz -- Newsweek flap and more on Mitch Albom

Leonard Shapiro -- Jack, Tiger and Annika

Sam Smith -- NBA's stupid scheduling
Darius Rucker -- Satchmo and Hootie set a golfing date

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Monday, May 16, 2005

au revior, les boulez

Topic #1 of the day was the Wizards' exit from the playoffs. TK wondered (in print and here) if they are the road to success or a one-hit wonder, like the Capitals when they went to the Stanley Cup finals.

** Ron Sirek, Golf World -- Tiger streak and Sean O'Hare
** Wilbon on Wizards and NBA playoffs

Other topics -- Dave Chappelle, Tony's HD set and other wackiness...

Mark Coale
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Wizards -- progress or 1-hit wonder?

TK again talks about his column today. La Sooz was not happy with his pessimistic projection for the team.

Brief talk on Nicklaus' "latest" final retirement from tournament golf after St Andrews. TK thinks he's still the greatest and Tiger won't be unless he eclipses Jack's win total.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Game 3 at MCI -- TK Sighting?

Will TK make an apperance at MCI tonight? Maybe, since TK has other plans before the game. That would be the Cornell Football something or other. Like other people say, "who would have expected the Wizards to still be playing?"

Still a great season, that most people didn't expect to happen.

Tk thinks the Wiz will win tonight, shockingly.

However, the Curse of Les Boulez is not over. It's not over until Tk says it's over.

Mark Coale
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more basketball talk

-- David Aldridge
-- Randy Galloway
-- Jeremy Schapp (plugging his new book)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Betting stories

TK tells a story (based on an email about some guy betting on Giacomo) about getting in a big bet at Belmont done by Andy Beyer.

Wilbon willfully killed hmself on PTI about his Kwame flip flop. TK still thinks that Wizards mgt should have to answer questions about the situation.

Brief talk about Shamiqua and her return to DC.

And, finally, the Whizzinator.

Mark Coale

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Kwame, Kwame, Kwame Khameleon

More talk about whether or not the Wiz should reactivate Kwame for the rest of the playoff series vs the Heat.

-- Ryan -- around the NBA
-- Scott Jackson WTEM -- In Miami, Wiz talk
-- Junior

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Coach Joe

Talk about Coach Gibbs, who was just on the show with Andy and Steve before TK's appearance.

Discussion about which old Skins were good quotes when TK was in the locker room.

TK lobbies again for FredEx at Fed Ex.

Also, brief talk of L/Affair Van Gundy.

Mark Coale
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Hoops Galore

-- Sam Smith, Trib
-- Bob Kravitz, Indy Star

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Monday, May 09, 2005

MVP Race

Talk about LeBatard's MVP discussion. Dan Patrick ran with it all day, including having Wilbon on to talk about it.

TK kills Dan for his "just asking a question" statement and needs to back it up or just shut up.

This expands out to a discussion about sports writing and column writing in general.

Mark Coale
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fearsome threesome

Today's top story was not the Derby or Playoffs, but Tk playing golf over the weekend with MD Gov Bob Ehrlich and Gary Williams. Wilbon was the missing fourth, in Miami for the playoffs.

Wilbon -- actually thought the Wiz could steal game one (ha ha). Just as foolish was his claims that he was going to stay off South Beath.

Pat Forte -- Derby recap

LeBatard -- Heat/Wiz talk. Also, Dan floats the "question" that Nash won the MVP (or at least people voted for him) because he is white.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Runaway Bride again

According to a wire story, the Runaway Bride may have fled due to her husband's celibacy pledge. Well, that paints her in a whole new light now, doesn't it?

-- Andy Beyer on the Deerby
-- Stephen Hunter on Kingdom of heaven

Mark Coale
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

TK jumps the gun

TK was so amazed that RFK hired a "field consultant" to work on the problems with the field for the Nats and United that he jumped in on Kevin's update, even before teh show started. Classic.

More on the stolen Mailbag jingle in Chicago.

The sports portion of the show will, of course, the Wiz's last-second win in Chicago last night. MW may be on later (depending on his travel plans).

And then, the Dr Phil/Pat O'Brien show last night. feh.

David Dupree -- NBA playoff talk. David believes that Van Gundy is telling the truth about what a ref told him. And it's all Stern's fault, David says, for putting the refs on a pedestal. Also, Kwame talk.

Lisa DeMoreas -- talk about American Idol "scandal" and the Dr.Phil/Pat O'Brien schlockfest last night.

Bill Livingston -- Kellen Winslow's motorcycle accident and what the Browns will do.

Old Gal Radio -- Linda Ronstadt -- in honor of Cinco De Mayo

Wilbon -- on Bulls/Wizards

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A B C-Ya, Kwame

Topic # 1 is the suspension of Kwame Brown. TK spins it slightly differently than both Mike Wise and Wilbon did in the paper today.

Bob Ryan - backtracks to the Nomar story last week and the Stern/Van Gundy dust-up (who is Deep Whistle?)

Tommy Smyth - Freddy Adu and Derby talk

Sam Smith - NBA playoff stuff

Mark Coale

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

traveling place holder

Mark Coale
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Kwane's been Keyshowned

React about Kwame's suspension and furor over American Idol.

Mark Coale

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Live from the Studio

What a day, WILBON and JUNIOR!

Mark Coale

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Coming to the Chuckle Hut... Laura Bush?

Tk starts the show with the White House Correspondent's Dinner and the surprise hit of the evening, Laura Bush. TK also mistook Maureen Dowd for Maureen Orth (Tim Russert's Wife).

-- David Aldridge -- NBA playoff breakdown
-- Dave Shenin -- the Nats and the proposed MLB steroid policy
-- Wilbon -- talks about the playoff game Saturday in the MCI Center. Not many celebrities apart from the political types (russert, carville, etc). MW has no divided loyalties here, even though he likes the people with the Boulez. Mw also talks about the differences between pro and college hoops.
-- Leslie gore -- Old Gal Radio -- 59 today
-- Tk rips the Runaway Bridge

Mark Coale
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Friday, April 29, 2005

more on the toads

-- More on the exploding toads today.

** Tim Kirkjian on baseball
** Stephen Hunter on movies
** Bob Kravitz on Reggie Miller and the Pacers

Mark Coale
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

more Idol fallout

we learn that TK is not a fan of the Girl Scout Cookies. Can't argue with that.

Andy talks about an Inside Edition story today about the brouhaha with American Idol. Aunt Be agrees with Steve that it would be a bigger deal if Simon was sleeping with a female contestant.

Mark Coale
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Where the Buffalo Roam

TK discusses the wild buffalo in suburban MD and exploding Toads in Germany.

Mark Coale
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

scandal on Idol?

The show began with discussion of Springsteen on the Today Show and again how TK would like to be Bruce's Roadie.

-- Abbie Lowell -- MASN lawsuit
-- Sam Smith -- NBA playoffs

Also, talk about the potential "21" type scandal involving american idol that will be on ABC's Prime Time Live next week.

Mark Coale
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what is the deal...

Tk begins by talking about the geese in the WTEM/CC parking lot and its environs?. Why are they there? Inquiring minds want to know. AND TK worries that one of them might come after him one day. This segues into Czabe talks about how a swan hissed at him one time on the golf course.

The draft got a 4.3 rating. What can the four letter do to replicate those numbers?

Mark Coale
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Monday, April 25, 2005

More draft recap

Tk's column was written yesterday morning, since it was too cold for golf.

Topic A is of course the drafting of the Auburn QB and what it means for Ramsey. talk of past QB incidents including the Brad Johnson/Jeff george circumstance.

Brief talk about the Bulls/Boulez playoff series.

Mark Coale
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draft recap

TK begins with Skins' recap.

-- Wilbon -- talking about Wizards/Bulls

Mark Coale
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Curse of Les Boulez

AP asks Tony about the origin of "Les Boulez." TK doesn't remmember when it started and there's no great story about the name, other than "it sounded good."

Talk shifts to the current team. same old kwame bashing.

Brief talk with Dave Feldman about the Comcast/MASN lawsuit. Feld y has no more answers than TK did this morning.

Mark Coale
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Draft hate

In his column today, Willy Buns says he hates the draft and all it stands for. TK says MW used to love the draft. h'll be on later to discuss it.

-- Larry Wiseman on the draft
-- MW on aforenmentioned draft talk and NBA playoff preview
-- Stephen Hunter on the Interrogator and the boxing documentary on USA Network.
-- Molly and Ollie update (based on story done on Dateline or PrimeTime Live)
-- more Nerd Golf solicitations. Morton's? DING WHOO!
(more later)

Mark Coale
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Bearcat in waiting?

It turns out that young Samantha Pollin is considering going to Binghamton. When the recruiter found out her dad works with "their most famous alum," it seems that she has a safety school all locked up.

Other sports talk, but not nearly as interesting as that.

Mark Coale
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Post-al Enclave

Tk starts the show talking about a meeting/dinner with the Post's Sports Editor and all the columnists. it was a brainstorming get together on how to raise circulation/hits on sally annoyed TK by constantly mentioning how much money TK is making from ESPN. Wilbon was also dissing his boyfriend. TK just drank a lot of wine.

-- David Dupree -- NBA Playoff preview
-- Jason Laconfora -- Mess with the Redskins
-- Ian O'Connor -- plugging his book about Sebestian Telfair

(more later)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Meeting W

Thom Lavarro talks about his trip to the white house last week to interview the President. (Dave Shenin from the Post talked about this last week on TK's show.)

Thom actually left him a copy of his book (something even JUNIOR would do).

Topic 2 -- Kwame, who thinks that Eddie Jordan is being effected by the crowds and not playing him at home. TK says he'll have the opportunity to play plenty on the road next season.

Topic 3 -- Redskins' trades and not trades.

Mark Coale
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If it's Wed, it must be Junior

TK saw the Interruptor last night and thought it was okay not great. Didn't think Sean Penn was a leading man.

-- bob ryan -- Sox stuff and basketball
-- Junior -- assorted nonsense and Dean Smith Stories

TK also talked about internet nerds golf tournament that will hopefully happen this summer and put out the call to local courses who wanted to sponsor it.
(note: not open to the general public. please don't email about it. thanks.)

Mark Coale
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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Redskins deniability

Talk about the Post report regarding the Skins' possibly trading their pick on Saturday.

Dan Patrick apparently threw out the idea of TK being on MNF when it comes to ESPN. Tk thinks it would cost more money than the Mouse would pay him. and DA contends that TK has had a better career on TV than Dennis Miller since they were both up for MNF.

TK continues to say that the Water Buffalo will end up in the ESPN booth. The horror.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine


Tk talks about how the MNF deal and how wrong he was on PTI yesterday, according to his friend David ISrael.

-- Richard Sandomir, NYT -- TV deal talk
-- Bill Livingston -- what's up with the Cavs and LaBron
-- Sam Smith -- playoff talk and what's wrong with big market teams

Mark Coale
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Monday, April 18, 2005

MNF react

The big news, just breaking is the new MNF football deal.

Mark Coale
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TK's trip to RFK

This show begins with TK talking about going to the Nats games Thursday and Saturday.

Shaughnessey -- Pimping his new Sawks book

Mark Coale
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Friday, April 15, 2005

Day after Opening Day

Talk first about whether th Nats game should have been on TV instead of Yanks/Sawks. TK thinks that's crazy talk, since NY/Boston is TV gold.

Also, thoughts about Opening Night and TK helping out Andy, who couldn't get his media credential.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

more on opening day

TK talks about his trip to the Stadium (with stat boy), various people he met and the pomp & Circumstannces.

-- Dave Shenin -- Got to interview the Prez about baseball yesterday before the game. Also talked about how national Opening Day was and gave a rundown of who was at the game (Richie Justice, Jayson Stark, etc).

-- Joe Barber -- movie talk

(more later)

Mark Coale
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Thursday, April 14, 2005

opening day

TK is getting ready for Opening Day at RFK. TK talks about his visiting the Senators back before they moved, when he wrote for Newsday.

plenty of other kinds of Nats Notes (as the 5:45 segment is now called).

quick talk about Les Boulez

Mark Coale
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Help Save Listen UP!

Here's the link TK mentioned this morning, where people can vote in Mcpaper's annual "save our shows" poll.

Mark Coale
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Road to Nowhere

TK starts the show with his car trip from Hell coming back from Myrtle Beach.
-- Bob Ryan -- Masters and Red Sox's ring ceremony
-- Jon Saraceno -- proposed Tyson fight coming to DC this summer
-- Junior -- Masters react and brief talk about Mitch

Mark Coale
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

tired and cranky

Tk is still annoyed about the Mitch Albom backlash. He still doesn't think it was a fireable offense.

Brief talk about the Tyson fight coming to DC this summer.

Mark Coale

Odessa Steps Magazine

Best of

No Mr Tony today, as he was coming back from the golf tournament.

Mark Coale

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Live from Myrtle Beach

TK is in Myrtle for Hootie's goff tourney.

-- Lenny Shaprio from Augusta -- love for Tiger
-- George Solomon -- fallpout from Mitch Albom's column
-- Wilbon

Mark Coale
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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hootie and Hootie (and Lance)

Topics today include the Masters and their rain issues and TK (and crew)'s trip to Myrtle beach for the Hootie tournament on Monday.

-- sally jenkins -- talks about Lance Armstrong allegations and TK's column
-- Joe Barber -- Fever Pitch and Sahara

Mark Coale
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Thursday, April 07, 2005

HD Nation

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

HD Nation

Talk amongst the HD owners about how big your set should be.

Inside baseball, PTi did not talk about the Masters, since a)it's inconclusive right now and b) it's on at the same time and they might drive viewers away.

TK has Tiger and Phil in his Masters Pool. He also doesn't any great desire to play augusta, although he wants to play Pine Valley (which Jaws said he can make happen).

SC asks about golf etiquette and taking up people on invitations to play super courses.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Sportswriters who Say Ni

Of course, we start with Yanks/Sawks and also the Nats (last night's game, not on TV).

** Lenny Shapiro -- from Augusta, lots of rain
** LeBatard -- berating the Hateable One for stealing Tony's bit. Also, they talk about going to see Spamalot on Broadway a few weeks ago.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


TK talks about the Sox/Yanks game this afternoon. Another blown save for Mariano Rivera.

Also, more talk about becoming Gary's assistant. Knocke has been the recipient of Gary's temper and it's not really fun.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Amen Corner breakdown

Much of today's show dealt with the Masters, with three of the guests from Augusta.

** Larry Dorman (Callaway) -- golf shots, nothing but golf shots
** Ron Rappaport (Sun Times) -- talks about his book on Bobby Jones
** Junior -- forced to talk about basketball, even though he's in Augusta

Mark Coale
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Identity Theft

TK thinks to think Mike Wise is pulling a single white female, taking his spot on the George michael show and his column space.

** Gary Williams -- UNc/ILL talk
** Sam Smith -- NBA news and notes

Mark Coale

Odessa Steps Magazine

Monday, April 04, 2005

Turn Turn Turn

One season ends (college hoops), one begins...

-- Boz on the Nats' exhibition game inRFK Sunday, the TV deal and Opening Day in Philly
-- Wilbon at the Final Four -- MW picks Illinois

Also, more bashing of Junior. Also today, bashing of Dan Lebatard and former Post sports editor George Solomon.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Friday, April 01, 2005

Nats TV?

More griping about the Nats TV situation. TK is still annoyed about Andy's kvetching regarding the TV deal.

Tk talks about his proudest bit in thePost -- the April Fools story in the Sunday magazine about the Senators returning to DC.

Also, will TK attend the exhibition on Sunday? If the weather allows.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Return of Stephen Hunter -- Yay

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Thursday, March 31, 2005

More Junior

** Barry Svrluga on the Nats
** Pat Forde on Rick Pitino and Louisville

more later

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

South of the Border, down Guadalahara way

More on House Gate.

** Bob Ryan -- talks about his anti-three point column in the Globe and other Final Four matters
** Mark Maske -- NFL news and notes, including Carolina steroid story, SF/SD trade and Redskins' moves
** Junior -- much talk about John's wardrobe, not so much about basketball. Brief talk about the Coach K Amex commercial.
** TK rants about some MLB doctor who has a George O'Leary situation about where he went to medical school.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Our House

Today's big story is TK's renovation at home of his kitchen. Lots of kvetching.

** Lenny Shapiro -- TPC and Fred Funk
** Sam Smith -- Lakers' latest mess and other NBA stuff
** Mitch albom -- Tom Izzo and MSU talk. Also the Camp Counselor.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Yet more hoops talk

TK has not been watching Golf, as Andy expected. They are ending it today. Local boy Fred Funk is in the lead.

Tk does not think Sparks was fouled, unlike Czaban and Knocke.

And Tk continues to kill Staudamire for coming up small in the game over the weekend.

Tony is also specifically eating during the segment, to annoy the people who have emailed the show complaining about it.

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Yet more hoops talk

TK has not been watching Golf, as Andy expected. They are ending it today. Local boy Fred Funk is in the lead.

Tk does not think Sparks was fouled, unlike Czaban and Knocke.

And Tk continues to kill Staudamire for coming up small in the game over the weekend.

Tony is also specifically eating during the segment, to annoy the people who have emailed the show complaining about it.

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hoops hoops hoops

TK starts the show with hoops talk of course.

** The Ock -- talks hoops
** Wilbon -- talks hoops

TK also rants about the rained-out TPC and dopey ultra-marathoners.

more later/

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Friday, March 25, 2005

TK's NIT plan

TK described his plan for revamping the NIT. Only mid-major schools would be eligible (no power conferences) and mid-majors that lose in the NCAAs would be allowed into the second round in the NIT.

TK also gripes about the weather (shock) and how this was his last day off during the week for months.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Andy asks TK about his annual springtime complaining about potholes in town. TK says he really has'nt noticed them yet. This turned into a rant about Al D'Mato and how there used to be great steetlamps in his districts.

Basketball talk is about Bob Knight. Knight apparently likes Around the Horn, but not PTI and given how Wilbon kills him, it's understandable. This turns into a Knight vs Junior story. TK talks about how a great job Knight has done this year, with Texas Tech.

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Who is most unctuous?

The show begins by TK talking about Pat O'Brien, which segued into talk about American Idol.

** Hoops Weiss -- tourney talk
** George Berger -- The man who runs the Presidents' Cup, live from the TPC in Florida. Golf talk, including the fact Michael will be driving George's cart at the Cup this fall.
** Joe Biddle -- talk about Pat Summitt and Steve Spurrier

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

more on TK's sleeping issues

More talk this afternoon about TK's sleeping problems.

Also, more Bonds talk and SC tries to foist another conspiracy on TK.

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TK the Night Owl

Today's big story isn't Barry Bonds. It's that TK is having problems sleeping, waking up in the middle of the night and unable to get back to bed. Suggestions can be sent to the show @

Eventually, TK get around to talking about Bonds, which will be on the agenda later with some of the regulars.

** Bob Ryan - NCAA talk. TK plugs today's PTI, with an interview with Bruce Perl that was taped yesterday. Despite going to BC, Ryan had never met him until next week.

** Dave Shenin -- Barry talk.

** Junior -- revelling in the VT and Bucknell victories.

** Old Guy Radio -- The Cars

** TK talks about Pat Summit's new record and how he's long advocated her coaching a men's team. MW called in to say that it's not as outrageous as it could be, since many young, black men come from single parent households and are used to having a woman as authority figure.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bonds watch

TK tells the story again about calling in to the Gary Williams radio show lat night. If it wasn't for Gary, TK would have blown his stack about the way he was treated (on hold for 7 minutes after getting a busy signal before that).

Barry Bonds - not playing this year? TK thinks that maybe Barry has been beaten finally. And the timing here, days after the steroid hearings, cannot be coincidental. Tk thinks Barry will come back to break Ruth's record, but not Aaron's record.

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hoops talk

** Pat Forde -- Tourney Talk
** Sam Smith -- Silas firing and LeBron's future
** Pam Ward -- women's hoop talk

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Monday, March 21, 2005

college vs NBA talk

Some early byplay with Mike Wise, who is in the studio with Andy and Steve for the first time. Wise gets some grief about his Auburn column in January.

Tk talks about something that came up with on Sports Reporters, who is hurt more by the high schoolers in the NBA, the LIG or the colleges? TK thinks, in a certain way, the college have benefited from it, since many NBA players are now anonymous and colleges have filled the talent gap with foreign players.

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Love for the Patroit LIG

The show starts with a recap of the weekend games and bracket standings (which you can find at TK thinks that Bucknell's win was bigger than Vermont's win and one of the five biggest in tourney history.

** The Ock -- chided about the Zags, the Ock appears to be on the UNC bandwagon now.

** Tim Kirkjian -- Steroid hearing aftermatch, including the reactions to Mark McGwire. Timmy doubts that Mac will get in the HOF on the first ballot.

** Wilbon

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Tourney recap

React from Day one of the tournament...

** Guy TK knows from Columbia talking about Curling
** Joe Barber on Movies

(more later)

** Note: No TK at 5:30 today.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Brackets, brackets, brackets....

** Bob Ryan
** Pat Forde
** Mark Schlabaugh

(picks will be up later today at

Also, TK talks about a story in the Post about a kid shot for his Timberland jacket, reminiscient of the Air Jordan flap from a few years ago.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

AM react

Talk about TK's interview this morning with Joe Gibbs and Andy's antipathy towards the elite class (TK notwithstanding).

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TK and Coach Joe

Almost all of today's show was taken up by an interview TK did with Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs.

We did, however, get a great bit about rich people's justice and TK castigating Andy for being bloodthirsty (like most people) involving the punishment for convicted white collar criminals like Kenneth Lay.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the record vs off the record

Andy tries to pump up Dream Job, but TK would have none of it. TK talks about how ESPN is just feeding the beast, which includes the creation of PTI.

TK talks about on the record vs off the record, vis a vis the Mike Tice story (who wants to have his quotes from last week now put off the record).

Briefly, TK talks about The Orioles' open letter in the Post on Sunday.

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brackets, day 2:

Tony's trip to see the Lakers at MCI. TK schmoozed with Kobe in the locker room and chatted with La Sooz (but didn't remember to ask about Storytime).

** Len Elmore -- brackets
** Sam Smith -- no brackets
** Jeff Jones -- brackets
** Jim Larranaga -- brackets

See all the picks (later today) at our sister site

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Brackets Kornheiser

Talk begins with the J-P coverage of the ACC tournament, as mentoined earlier on TK's show.

TK doesn't buy into the Ock's theory that if Gonzaga wins, it will get rid of the "mid major" label.

Yes, talk about TK's bracket in the Post today. You can get the link at our sister site, Where's The Cake... TK's main motivation for doing brackets, to annoy Junior.

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New Sister Web Site

To keep this space from getting too bogged down (or is that blogged down?) with brackets, we set up a seperate website to keep track of them.

Starting today, with TK's "bracket" from today's post and one from the AP's Jim O'Connell, you can find them at...

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Bracket Ville

The show begins with Tk talking about his experiences at the ACC tourney (no room at the inn) and doing a "bracket column" at the Post yesterday. The highlight was seeing Junior glom two whole pizzas.

Andy and Gary think Tk is being phased out at the Post, given the gimmick column they had him do today.

** Wilbon -- MW only ate 3 slices of pizza, so Junior must have eaten lots of Pizza. MW also says TK can be as big as he wants to be, he just chooses to be a yodeler. MW says this is the greatest day of the year for newspapers, since everyone needs brackets. Of course, bracket talk.

** Mark Maske -- talks about the weird Michael Vick story in yesterday's Post, where a TSA official in the Atlanta airport had his watch 'stolen' by someone in Vick's entourage and the trouble it took to get the watch back.

** The Ock -- picks his bracket. Amazingly, he picked Gonzaga. WTF?

** Old Guy Radio -- some song from Chicago. eh.

** More Junior Bashing -- TK makes fun of all the appearnces he's making to plug his book.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

TK's trip to the ACC tourney

We start with talk about a promotion involving mail carriers picking up cans of food and soup. Andy suggests calling DA, whose father was a mailman.

Tk is home, watching the Patroit League game (Junior alert).

Doug Flutie was released today. Andy marvels about his body of work (20 years).

What happened to TK today? No PTI. TK decides to goto the ACC tourney at the MCI center. TK had no seat, even though he had a credential. A guard got TK to move from a tunnel area and dozens of people yelled out "Don't you know who he is?" And TK just left, rather than cause a scene. He then went to the Post and watched the game there. This belies the portrait painted by Junior in his new book and TK points out that Junior would have raised holy hell.

Hoops galore

The lead story is the local teams in the conf tournies. MD, of course, spit the bit and is deader than a dodo. Georgetown played tough vs. UConn, but lost and might be hurt more by WV's upset of BC. GW won their first game and is probably in, but should win another game to be safe.

** Dick Hoops Weiss -- tourney talk

** Chris Knocke -- disects MD's loss and what went wrong all season. Also, Junior tried to get on with Knocke at halftime on the radio to pimp his book.

** Joe Barber -- this week's flicks -- Robots (an animated film, which TK doesn't like). Hostage (Bruce Willis). Joe's thought's : Robots -- entertaining and good animation. ***1/2. Joe gives a preview of The Upside of Anger (Joan Allen & Kevin Costner) and says it's great. TK used to love Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, and never could understand why he became an action star. Joe says the film is underwhelming. Also, a quick discussion of Michael Jackson's pajama-bottomed appearance in court yesterday.

** Old Guy Radio -- Vanilla Fudge covering You Keep Me Hangin' On.

**Reading Today's Post -- First, TK reads a story in the Metro section about Rep Tom Davis, one of the dopes behind the steroid hearings. He's "doing it for the kids." Also, a story about the Pandas and how they are having problems reproducing. Lots of sophomoric humor at work here. And, a story about a cat who knocked a gun off a shelf and shot its own.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

steroid talk

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The shows starts by talking about the new gig for occasional guest Dan Miller, who
used to work for Fox in Detroit and will now be the pxp man for the Detroit Lions.

We learn that once, years ago, PBS filled the radio show for a pilot. You know, to
show the radio show on TV, like they do with the 4-letter's morning show on ESPNews
or the troll on MSNBC.

today's # 1 story is the steroid subpeonas. Many guests, including Abby Lowell, to
discuss it. TK quotes Stan Brand, who runs Minor League Baseball and past guest on
the show. Brand is interestingly representing the owners and union to thwart the

** Abby Lowell -- breaks it all down involving the subpeonas and whatnot.

** Dan Barrero (KFAN) -- Mike Tice and Ticket Gate.

** Kevin Grevey (Lakers' scout) -- Wilbon wants to play golf with Kevin, so it's a
good thing he's booked today. In Memphis for C-USA tourney and then going to DC for
ACC tourney. Kevin picks a UNC/Wake ACC Final.

** Old Guy Radio -- Jan and Dean -- Dean turns 65 today.

** More Skins Bashing -- TK actualled cedes the floor to Andy Polley for some
whining about the Redskins. This brings us to Wilbon's article in the Post today
saying they need a GM and there shouldn't be a coach/GM in the NFL.

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The Affirmation, Baby Blog

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Tuttle Soup

Topic du jour is MD's loss in the ACC tourney to Clemson.

TK actually went to the game.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

better late than never

[We've been having weird broadband issues the last couple days, so I didn't get to record today's show. Hopefully, it'll be fixed tomorrow.mlc]

The show begins by talking about the Redskins' mess, this time with Fred Smoot leaving for Minnesota and Lavenrius Coles' comments about The danny and the empty threats made about making Coles sit out next season.

** Barry Svrluga -- back from spring training. talks about the Mayor's appearance at some of the Nats games.
** Howard Kurtz -- talks about Dan Rather's last night in the anchor chair
** Junior -- Satellite radio tours for Last Shot and March Madness talk
** Tice Talk -- TK waxes about ticket gate in Minnesota and whether Mike Tice can keep his job if the allegations are true.

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TK's TV watching

TK's appointment viewing: IFC and BBC America. And Sports.

TK did see Man on Fire on cable the other night, which he liked.

Laverro suggests that disgruntled Redskins fans should go plant trees.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CILL My Weatherman

More griping about the weather from TK today. Shock.

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Patroit League update

The show begins with an update on teh American University golf/tennis situation. It now appears that the teams are saved from being cut for another year.

TK then expounds on the ratings from the weekend (as mentioned in the afternoon update yesterday).

** Bob Ryan -- from the Big East tournament

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunday ratings

Andy gives TK the ratings from yesterday's afternoon of sports

College 3.9/8
Golf 5.9/13 (up 84% from last year)

(Where's Norman to talk about ratings?)

Plenty of golf nerd talk between TK and Czabe.

Mark Coale
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golf vs hoops

Tk spent the first segment talking about Tiger vs Phil yesterday at Doral.

** Lenny Sharipo -- Lenny was at Doral to see the golf.
** Mark Maske -- discussing Coles/Moss trade and other Skins business
** Wilbon -- golf and basketball.

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Monkeys = comedy

MOre talk about the monkeys and the cake.

Mark Coale
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The Danny vs The Post

The show starts with the "war" between the Post and the Redskins over the Skins rescinding the tickets the Post used to buy for games.

** The Ock -- bubble talk
** Joe Barber -- on Be Cool (not horrible) and The Pacifier (horrible)
** Monkeys = comedy -- TK reads the most popular story on radio, about the chimps attacking the people who brought the cake for their former chimp at a Cal. zoo. The comedy writes itself.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lefty rumors?

Rumors about Lefty and gambling debts? Not that TK knows about. TK (as well as Czaban) has always been on the Phil bandwagon. He had a 64 today, to go along with this 60 and 62 recently.

More on Travolta hairgate. Andy talks about Bamwur weatherman Marty Bass who took off his fake hair. And talk about Marv.

NHL story about the group buying the whole league. Just silly. And maybe it leads to a new league to compete with the NHL. This will probably lead to the league playing next year with real players and not scabs.

Mark Coale
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Nats Day one

** Sean salisbury
** Joe Biddle
** book on 1980 hockey team

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Day One for the Nats

Andy is still glowing about the Nats' first game.

TK still doesn't like the uniforms and was hoping they would wear the DC hats.

Brief talk about Lavernius Coles and the fact he's apparently staying, after all the strom and drang last week.

Mark Coale
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Tony small and petty?

TK begins by telling a tale involving Marc Schwartz, who was in the PTI offices yesterday. His relationship (if you want to call it that) goes way back, to an incident on the ESPN radio show involving Michael Jordan. The charter member of the "In the Bag" club. So, TK ignored him, much to the consternation of some in the PTI office. When TK finally decides to shake his hand, Schwartz yells "Don't shake my hand. Rip me." So, TK goes back to his dressing room, still having never talked to him. (Wilbon called during the break saying Schwartz wasn't yelling.)

** Lisa De Moreas -- talk about Tarvolta's Hair Gate. And then, Oscar talk. Lisa was not anti-Chris Rock (like Tom Shales), but not enthralled with his performance either. Comaplaints also about Jamie Foxx's recycling his speech, from both other award shows and on Baba Wawa. Lisa contends repeatedly that the Oscar rating is mainly about what movies are nominated, not who the host is.

** Abbie Lowell -- discussing the Kobe settlement. and for good measure, the Michael Jackson trial.

** Junior -- more Rich Guy radio, discussing speaker fees and the like. More about St. Joes and their tourney chances. Also, an emailer berates Junior for wearing a ravens' jacket to the GW/St Joes game. Also, talk about Georgetown and MD's future this weekend and in their respective tournaments.

** Old Guy Radio -- Jackie Wilson Said, Van Morrison.

** Jason Whitlock leaves his radio show in Kansas City (while on the air). He said he couldn't serve all of his jobs effectively. This leads to a talk about being "a multimedia journalist."

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

chaney gate continues

Knocke brings the former coach perspective to Chaney Gate.

People are starting to tell St. Joe's to "get over it." But TK says you can't just tell someone to "get over something."

And Czabe explains how weatherman Bob Ryan got all snippy on TV about his weather forecast. TK suggests there should be "weather talk radio," for people (or cockroaches) can call up and complain about the forecasts.

Mickelson is on PTI today. And Phil remembered meeting Michael at the Presidents' Cup a couple years ago. TK was impressed that he actually remembered.

Mark Coale
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Snow? What snow?

The show begins with TK again bemoaning the poor forecasting by the weathermen yesterday in DC. Did anyone apologize? Not really.

More on Chaney-gate. Mike Wise will be on later to talk about a column where he called for Chaney to go. Tk wonders where the A-10 leadership is on all this.

** TK reads Lisa De Moreas' Oscar column in the Post today. Ratings as it turned out were down. Some blame Rock. Some blame the choice of Award Winners, since they were not big blockbusters.

** Sam Smith -- recapping last week's big trades -- Webber to Philly, Antoine Walker back To Boston

** Mike Wise -- talking about his column on John Chaney from Saturday's Post. Brief talk about Sunday's column about the Wizards and their diminishing post-season possibilities.
** Old Guy Radio -- Substitute by The Who -- Roger Daltrey's 61st birthday
** TK met Buck O'Neill, who was in town to promote the Negro League/DC Lottery scratch-off game. Gary had to help TK work the scratchers, but TK is now upset that his tickets were actually voided tickets.

** Randy Moss' agent bad mouthed the Vikings and Culpepper -- It wasn't Moss himself, so who cares?

** Kevin Towers apparently suspected Caminiti's steroid use -- TK points out that most if not all GMs would have done the same thing. TK also points out that some steroids are good and aren't bad for you. abuse of anything is bad.

** Naked Man covered in Nacho Cheese tries to Climb Fence -- nuff said.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Another Failed Blizzard

Everyone kills the weathermen for the lack of accumulated snow today in DC. TK thinks they could get a chimp or a chick in a bikini to do what they do. DA (in the third chair today) asks why there's no accountability.

Some more Oscar talk with DA. He liked the "Magic Johnson Theater" sketch, like TK but not like Tom Shales. Who are the potential next hosts? Jon Stewart? Conan? Tk thinks Rock deserves another chance.

Would TK fire John Chaney? It was a breach of etiquette, but he should be brought back for one more year and then shown the door. He shouldn't go out this way, says TK.

Mark Coale
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Oscar Oscar

TK begins with discussion of the Oscars. He's amazed by Tom Shales' highly negative criticism of Chris Rock and his hosting gig.

** Joe Barber -- Joe got all of the main awards right except Best Director (but he thought Eastwood should win, but picked Scorsese). Also talk about the presentation of the show, like bringing up nominees on stage at once and then giving out the awards. Joe says that Chris Rock probably won't work in Hollywood again, after "naming names" about people with no talent.

** Mark Maske -- the beginning of the NFL Hot Stove season. The Pats cut Ty Law. Mushin Muhammad signs with the Bears. The Skins may replace Fred Smoot with Samari Rolle.

** Wilbon -- Letterman react. The most common question asked by people is -- Why did Wilbon sit next to Dave? "So Tony wouldn't throw up on Letterman." Wilbon says he doesn't self-analyze (unlike TK), so he doesn't worry about how they did. People say Dave laughed a lot at them and didn't interrupt very much (as Dave is wont to do). Onto sports. Yes, John Chaney's actions last week is a Woody Hayes situation. Wilbon says he wants to talk to Phil Martelli, who has always professed an admiration for Chaney.

** Old Guy Radio -- Ray Charles, What I Say. Going far afield, TK talks about the BTK killings in Kansas and how someone was finally arrested for crimes decades old. This moves us to talk of oter serial killers and "secret lives."

** Mailbag -- all about the Oscar and John Travolta's hair.

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Friday, February 25, 2005

TK, back from NYC

We begin with David Feldman from Fox 5 refuting that he only gets a minute per night on the nightly news. Feldy says he actually gets 3 minutes.

TK says he's gotten lots of positive praise from the Letterman appearance. Tk says it's a top 10 career highlight. and no, he did not get sick.

How did the seating get chosen? "black guy in the middle."

No, they did not meet Travolta. TK was hoping to meet Ricky Gervais, who's on tonight's show, but his segment was taped Monday.

Czabe thinks that TK and Maggie should go on Stupid Pet Tricks.

Mark Coale
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Letterman React

Tk gives us the scoop on last night's Letterman appearance.

Mark Coale
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

From the Ed Sullivan Theater...

TK is on his way to NYC for Letterman, but took time to call in the first segment.

Mark Coale
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Breaking News

Apparently, Randy Moss will not get a ride on Redskin One, as he will be traded to the Raiders. TK wonders about the views expressed by potential Vikings owner Reggie Fowler, who wanted to keep Moss if he bought the team.

The latest on Coles. they have to make the deal by March 2nd or it won't be done.

As for the Terps last night, the less said the better.

Mark Coale
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Barry Bonds, not Redd Foxx

We begin with Barry Bonds. Interrupted by Kim giving a traffic update (apparently for an intersection that doesn't exist.)

** David Dupree -- Oscar picks

** Bob Ryan -- Sox spring training

** Junior -- MD analysis and griping about the RPI

** Old Guy Radio -- Always on My Mind (Elvis version)

** The Royal Wedding -- TK is agahst that Queen Elizabeth will not be going to the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Mark Coale
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

more on Coles

TK comes into the discussion about trading Coles, possibly for John Abraham. Talk about all the recent moves by Gibbs and previous regimes.

Bonds talk. Regarding denying reporters' access to BB, TK and DA bring up how the Wizards rebuilt the lockerroom to keep Jordan sheltered.

Mark Coale
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Perception vs Reality

The shows with TK talking about Jose Canseco's appearance on the Today Show this morning. TK thinks Matt Lauer was fairly pitbull-ish in the interview and no longer thinks Jose has any credibility left. This segued into a discussion of the new Dream Job, where the athletes are savaged by people in the media, in a (delicious to the media) reversal of standard operating procedures.

** Joe Barber -- Oscar Preview -- here are Joe's Picks
Best Actor -- Jamie Foxx (will win and should win) Eastwood or Depp (upset pick)
Best Sup Actor -- Morgan Freeman (will win and should win) Church (upset)
Best Actress -- Hillary Swank (will win and should win) Imelda Staunton (upset)
Best Sup Actress -- Cate Blanchett (will win) Virginia Madsen (should win) Portman (upset)
Best Director -- Clint Eastwood (should win) Martin Scorsese (will win) anyone else (upset)
Best Picture -- The Aviator (should win) Million Dollar Baby (will win) Sideways (upset)
Best Adapted Screenplay -- Sideways
Best Original Screenplay -- Hotel Rwanda

** Dave Shenin -- in Scottsdale for Spring Training-- Barry Bonds speaks today, although likely to say little if anything. This branches out to a larger discussion about steroids in baseball. Shenin believes (without any hard evidence) that almost every who has been brought up (Pudge, Raffy, McGwire, ...) is probably dirty on some level.

** Sam Smith -- All-Star discussion -- First up, Lebron's coming out party. Sam mentions it's 20 years ago for jordan's "freeze out" at the All-Star game. Ironically, Jordan has become a recluse. Tk brings up a column by Mike Wise in the Post about the NBA's labor deal and how the union will give up the 20-year old rule. Sam wonders why the Union fought against it for so long, since they would be taking jobs from the union members. In the Kobe vs Shaq deal, Sam thinks Shaq has been in the wrong in not letting Kobe off the hook.

** Old Gal Radio -- Bonnie Raitt -- Again, in honor of the passing of her father John.

** Jose Guillen -- TK talks about a Post article about the new Nats OF today and how he has "chosen" to not discuss the past (ie, the incidents last year in Anaheim that got him suspended in the middle of a pennant race).

** Emails -- a nerd trifecta as me, Lahecka and Brandon Borzelli get emails read all in a row.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Holiday blues

TK being talking about holidays, and first tier and second tier holidays. Tk actually racks the Gnome for doing a live TV show.

Andy asks about any prep TK and MW have done for the Letterman show this week. TK says there hasn't been any yet, but will be some the night before. They are on the same night as John Travolta. TK hopes they'll be bumped.

Czabe wonders what's next. Andy thinks they should go on Regis the day after the Letterman shot. Czabe thinks TK should do a blog (and Andy nicely gives us a plug). Of course, TK doesn't really know what that is.

Gibbs denied the Lavernius Coles story in the Post today. Tk is ready to write a column on the situation ("If you want to go, go."), so he thinks there's smoke to the story.

Mark Coale
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Black Thanksgiving and Redneck Xmas

Tk begins by talking about the two disparate sporting events this weekend -- the Daytona 500 and the NBA All-Star game. He watched some of each yesterday. Tk was rooting for # 24 (since he had been on PTI last week) and thought the announcing seemed pro # 8. TK also declared the Nash/Stoudamaire dunk from Saturday the best he has ever seen.

** Mike Wise -- From Denver, All-Star Game recap. Talk about the Wizards in the game, the dunk and other NBA stuff.

** Mark Maske -- Topic # 1 was the report in the Post about Lavernius Coles apparently wanting out of DC, including possibly giving back part of his signing bonus. This led to a talk about what WR might be available (Derrick Mason). Also there was brief talk about Tom Fowler and whether he'll still be approved as Vikings' owner.

** Wilbon -- MW didn't go to Black Thanksgiving (he was in AZ). He watched the Daytona 500 in a Scottsdale sports bar and found it fascinating. Wilbon kills the dunk contest, even though he agreed with TK about the coolness factor of the Nash/Stoudamaire dunk. MW never thought the NHL season would be cancelled, but he does know. TK advocates a Canadian league that could add some American cities.

** Old Guy Radio -- "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin. In honor of the death of Sandra Dee yesterday. Apparently, during the height of her alcoholism, she drank a quart of scotch a day (while weighing 80 lbs). Also dying yesterday was John Raitt (Broadway star and father of Bonnie Raitt) and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson (who committed suicide last night).

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Friday, February 18, 2005

Va Tech > Va in DC?

According to TK, there are more fans of VA Tech in the DC metro area than UVA (says Post research).

Craig Eschreck (sp) to New Mexico State?

Andy brings up an ESPN survey about Steroids, where most people Bonds took the juice.

Feldy asks about The Nats in Florida and how long will they be relevant.

Mark Coale
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A New cast member

It appears that Gary's wife Kim will be doing occasionally be doing traffic reports, as she takes their kid to school.

The opening discussion is about Teddy Bruschi and whether he'll be able to recover from his apparent stroke.

** Barry Svrluga -- In Spring training with the Nats. Barry tells great story about Boz bringing old Senators' baseball cards with him on the trip. Frank Robinson has been great, not "crusty" as TK would have expected.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Nats not on WTEM

The Nats won't be on 980, so no free tickets for MR. Tony. They'll be on an FM station for night games and another AM station for day games.

Then, talk about the Terps last night. The less said, the better.

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Nice to know you, NHL

The cancellation of the NHL season the topic du jour.

** Jason La Canfore -- Although no longer the Post's hockey writer, he still has his connections. Goodenow will probably be out after the next deal gets done, but not before.
** Eric Prisbill -- talking about MD's upset by NC State last night. (you can bet no Gary on teh show today)
** David Aldridge -- in Denver for Black Thanksgiving, DA talks about the NHL dead and how it might be a portend for the NBA. Also, league news and notes discussion, including the coaching futures of Mo Cheeks and Kevin McHale.
** Old Guy Radio -- Gene Pitney.
** Rants -- TK turns down another dinner invitation. Satchmo really doesn't want to get stuck with some guy or gal and deal with the uncomfortable silences. Andy gets some rants in about the cockroaches for the second time today.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Where's Junior

[note: The rest of today's recap will be delayed, possibly until tomorrow. I'll be travelling and away from the computer. Thanks.]

The show begins with TK talking about his lack of knowledge and interest of NASCAR. Wilbon wants more NASCAR on the tv show (Jeff Gordon may be on PTI today). He may watch some of it, if he's home and has nothing to do on Sunday (the Daytona 500 that is).

TK throws out that there may be a NHL deal, just one that he doesn't know about right now.

** Bob Ryan -- talks about two former Boston athletes -- Drew Bledsoe and Kevin McHale. Also quick talk about Scott Pioli's decision to stay in Boston for less money.

** Ron Sirek from Golf World -- Is Phil on happy drugs? TK wants to know. Ron says he has been working with a sports psychiatrist, but doesn't know about the drugs. We learn that Michael loves to try and hit funky wedge shots like Phil does.

** Junior -- Despite being banned, Junior appears in his weekly segment. Junior also asks why Tk won't stop calling him "Junior" and doesn't like it when strangers call him that in public. On to basketball matters... TK asks about UNC freshman Marvin Williams, who is a sixth man and some people think could be the first pick in the NBA draft.

** Old Guy Radio -- Kinks, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion." Lahecka's website is up now. It's at

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Swimsuit Issue -- passe?

Czabe gives a quick plug for the Letterman appearance next week.

Topic 1 -- SI swimsuit issue. Is it run its course, since there's SO much porn out there. TK thinks it's a rite of passage. Plus, it's something to talk about on a slow news day, in the Post-Super Bowl malaise.

Topic 2 -- Allen Iverson. Does he want out? One place says yes, one says no. What's he worth now? TK thinks the only equitable value is LaBron or Kobe, and those won't happen. Iverson has not played with a multiple-time All-Star on his team. TK thinks the best guy to play with AI would be Ben Wallace.

Topic 3 -- NHL , finally dead or shortened season? TK brings up that no one complains about the Redskins' Super Bowl wins in strike years. Czabe wonders if the fans will have the $ to come back this season, since everyone wrote it off for dead.

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Meet the Nats, Greet the Nats

Misc. business to start the show, including the fact the guy who owns will give the domain to Mr. Tony for his use. Then onto the Michael Jackson witness list and Mary Kay Latourno (sp), for your criminality portion of the show.

** Sam Smith -- Wilbon not going to the all-star game (aka Black Thanksgiving) this year, which shocks TK and Sam. Talk about the collapse of the T-Wolves and how this may be Kevin McHale's swan song in MN.

** Larry Brooks, NY Post -- ETA on the NHL being DOA -- 1 PM tomorrow, although they've been apparently negotiating yesterday and maybe today. Larry thinks the league has been underestimated the intelligence of the players.

** Boswell -- from spring training, Boz writes about pitchers and catchers today in the Post. Boz thinks, if things go well, the Nats might finish above .500. Tony seems excited the team has a pitcher named Harry Potter.

** Old (Gal) Radio -- The Crystals, "the Rebel" --

** Grammy ratings. Down -- beat by Desperate Housewives in the ratings, with its lowest ratings in ten years.

** Spring Training memories -- TK talks about how when he was a young baseball fan, he knew all the cities where Spring Training is held. Now, many teams have been added and more have moved.

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Monday, February 14, 2005

MD-duke aftermath

TK talked about the MD/Duke game and how they had Gary Williams on PTI today.

This diverges into a discussion about how more comfortable people are on radio than on TV. DA (today's guest) agrees.

More talk about the post-game rioting in College Park. TK thinks the photos of the people rioting should be expelled.

A brief happy trails to Dick Weber, who passed away today.

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Grammys and sports

TK begins with talking about the new Old Guy Radio Gear and the confusion on who the super secret TK Board wanted to nominate to date Char.

Then, Canseco on 60 Minutes. TK dissects the piece and rags on Lupica for his appearance talking about it on the today show this morning.

** Kirkjian -- Instead of Canseco, we begin with rumors about Bonds being spread (on Geraldo) by "his former mistress."

** Maske -- since football is over, talks some college hoops. He also talked about a sidd Finch like story he wrote in HS at DeMatha.

** Wilbon -- starts with a discussion of Million Dollar Baby. Wilbon liked it. Wilbon also gave love to Hotel Rwanda. [I saw it last night and think it might be better than Baby or Aviator] MW also ragged on people who would waste their lives by watching the Pro Bowl.

** TK discusses the Grammys -- didn't like the Southern rockers, liked Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys (who he really doesn't care for much), liked JLO and Marc Anthony, loved Melissa Etheridge (and her bald head), and loved Green Day.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

LIve from ...

I'm up in NYC for a few days, so the report will either be LIVE or very late, depending on what my schedule is like.

(Look for a special report on the magazine's blog about a new Broadway play tomorrow.)

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Friday, February 11, 2005

RIP Arthur Miller

We begin by talking about the Death of Arthur Miller today, which happened too late for TK to talk about this morning. Tk calls Death of a Salesman the greatest American play ever written.

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Old Guy Radio Gear

Today's show begins off-format with an interview with MD coach Gary Williams. Discussion includes the ACC scheduling practices, DUKE-UNC, MD's season and TK's lawsuit with Junior.

** The rambling opening segment (in segment 2) was about the Nats and Boswell's column today.
** Phil Mushnick, NY Post -- NFL, Fox and
** Joe Barber on movies -- HITCH (better than the trailers make it look), MILLION DOLLAR BABY (TK finally saw it, so he and Joe discuss the picture) and the upcoming Oscar race.
** Old Guy Radio -- DonHenley, Boys of Summer
** Product -- soon, hats, t-shirts and sweats will be available at (not yet though, the site's not up)
** Tony's Alzheimer's moment -- TK and Wilbon do not remember Tyler Kepner (who writes for the Times and was a PTI guest yesterday), who was in intern at the Post in 1997
** Mailbag -- nominees for "Date My Trainer." I apparently am too young for the Lovely Char.

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

The case of Kornheiser v. Feinstein

** Abbie Lowell, Smartest Man in Washington -- Advising TK on his potential lawsuit with Junior
** Jim O'Connell -- The Ock makes his return to the show. Discusses the Big East, Illinois and the weird connection between the top teams in the country (UNC, Kansas and Illinois).
** Barry Svrluga -- Post's baseball beat guy talking about the Nationals (and TK's column today about them)
** David Aldridge -- NBA Round-up -- more use of the "Where's the Cake?" Drop
** Old Gal Radio -- Carole King
** Update on "Date My Trainer," TK's attempt to hook up the Lovely Char

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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

gary vs the press

Before TK came on, Knocke was putting forth the College Park spin (ie, Gary) that the local media, especially the Post, has been negative in their coverage of this year's Terps. Andy and Steve disagree to a point.

TK of course disagrees. He thinks it's just Gary being Gary and is just trying to rally the troops.

Tk also mentions "his lawsuit" against Feinstein (from this morning's TK show).

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Where's the cake?

Uncle Abe outdid himself yesterday by giving a cake to his two All-Stars (who he called his three all-stars): Antoine Jamison and Gilbert Arenas.

And now, TK discusses (rips) Junior's book. TK wants to sue for libel.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Donovan F McNabb

We begin with the great clip from today of Abe Pollin's congratulations for his three (but really two) All-Stars and giving them cake.

Then, we talk about McNabb possibly being vomitious during the Super Bowl.Does that excuse his performance late in the game?

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TK begins the show by talking about Liza's appearance on the Today show. Short version, she's still nuts.

TK also spent the opening segment ranting about his new studio (down the hall at the same station).

** Tim Kirkjian -- Canseco's book and whatnot

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Very little Super Bowl talk (oddly)

We begin with talking about the clip of Coach K fainting over the weekend. TK doesn't think they should be showing it incessantly and if he was another coach, he'd use it against him.

Then talk about Canseco's book. Feh.

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Super Bowl redux

All about the Super Bowl.


TK also rates the commercials. Remember kids, monkeys=comedy.

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Friday, February 04, 2005

Easy Ed

We begin with TK talking about Easy Ed Rendell, PA governor, who was on with Andy and Steve a few minutes earlier. TK espouses his view that the Pres and Congress should get much more money ($2 mil for Pres, $1 mil for Senators, $500k for Reps).

Czaban tells a story about how a woman noticed on his business card that he works at the same station as Tony and gave him grief for it. TK says this continues to prove how thin skinned the people are in JAX.

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Last Day in JAX (thankfully)

** Boomer Esasion -- gives love to Marv (his radio broadcast partner). Also, more about the Boomer/Marino comment from a couple weeks ago ("next Dan Marino).
** Chris Johnson (WTEM guy) talks about going to a party and Berman in the middle of a pack of strippers. Also Ricky Williams singing about Tsunami victims.
** Prime Time -- TK tries to convince Deion to play for the Nationals next year and his good friend Jim Bowden
** Bob Ryan -- talks about a small dinner with Bill Belechick (Willy Buns was there too)
** James Carville -- The Swami says take the Eagles and the points 4 times over
** Joe Barber -- Reviews the Wedding Date (movie not so great, Debra Messing is great). Also TK pimps BBC America, including "Trailer Park Boys" and "The Office." Also a brief discussion of the Sundance Film Festival.
** More JAX bashing -- George Michael called TK last night to tell him that his column didn't bash JAX enough. George (and company) were stuck on a bridge last night during a fireworks show. Wilbon apparently has also been complaining every day about things in the city.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

TK 4, JAX 0

Another crappy day in JAX. Wilbon today has an umbrella. Apparently, players are even turning down appearance fees to come to JAX for Super Bowl week stuff.

Andy briefly talks about Les Boulez, pointing out that Abe guarantees a playoff appearance this year.

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Gary joins Andy in JAX

Gary is now in JAX with Andy, hoping to golf if the weather holds up.

TK begins with the Rudy T story.

And then on to the snicky Stacey Dales-Shuman, who is retiring, since he "no longer has fun playing." She's not a fan favorite for her gritty play, it's cuz she's hot. And she has a better job awaiting her on TV. TK brings up a couple people who have retired without getting booted out of their sport, including former NFLer Mike Reed and Mary Carillo.

** Jaws -- We know who he is rooting for on Sunday.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Change in the Weather

TK appaers to be smug about how bad the weather has been and is today in JAX.

Brief discussions of Nats GM Jim Bowden and the Lakers mess, especially the possibility of Phil jackson coming back to coach the team.

And a quick talk of Credit Card gate.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Skins charge card DOWN

We begin with TK and Willy Buns discussing the Redskins charge card and their reversal of policy. Also, we learn about TK's problem getting the recycling truck to come by.

** The Hateable One, Dan LeBatard -- in JAX for the game. dan rants about Radio Row and talks about how much everyone loves Wilbon. Dan then rips TK for killing the folks he works with on his local station.
** Junior -- talks of Past Super Bowls, Art Schleister, Brian F Billick, Terrell Owens, NBA coaches and more...
** Old Guy Radio -- CSN, Teach Your Children --
** Rich Eisen, NFL Network -- life post-ESPN. No Bea Arthur joke today.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

fun with media day

Talk begins today with the apparent impending retirement of Emmitt Smith. TK thought he had retired 2 years ago.

BTW, Wilbon needed a parka for PTI today, to go with his knit cap.

Andy thinks he saw Wilbon interviewed at least 10 times and that was only during the Patriots media session.

more talk about Media Day. blah blah blah, yakkety smackkety.

Mark Coale
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SB Day 2: Andy held hostage

It's the horror that is media day at the Super Bowl. Andy is in JAX< but thankfully not at MEDIA DAY.

** James Brown, FOX -- TK declares that JB is now the most famous James Brown, over the Godfather of Soul and the HOF running back.
** Joe Biddle, The Tennessean -- tells the crazy story about the woman's basketball coach fired by her loony rock star owner
** David Dupree -- Discussed Lez Boulez, as well as TK's departure from the local Full Court Press show on channel 4. Also NBA news and views (Shaq v Van Gundy, Mo Cheeks v Miles, the camp counselor). And DD again gives major props to Million Dollar Baby.
** Andy at the Super Bowl -- stories about Past Super Bowls and writers who have been to all 39 games

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