Friday, March 04, 2005

Monkeys = comedy

MOre talk about the monkeys and the cake.

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The Danny vs The Post

The show starts with the "war" between the Post and the Redskins over the Skins rescinding the tickets the Post used to buy for games.

** The Ock -- bubble talk
** Joe Barber -- on Be Cool (not horrible) and The Pacifier (horrible)
** Monkeys = comedy -- TK reads the most popular story on radio, about the chimps attacking the people who brought the cake for their former chimp at a Cal. zoo. The comedy writes itself.

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Lefty rumors?

Rumors about Lefty and gambling debts? Not that TK knows about. TK (as well as Czaban) has always been on the Phil bandwagon. He had a 64 today, to go along with this 60 and 62 recently.

More on Travolta hairgate. Andy talks about Bamwur weatherman Marty Bass who took off his fake hair. And talk about Marv.

NHL story about the group buying the whole league. Just silly. And maybe it leads to a new league to compete with the NHL. This will probably lead to the league playing next year with real players and not scabs.

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Nats Day one

** Sean salisbury
** Joe Biddle
** book on 1980 hockey team

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Day One for the Nats

Andy is still glowing about the Nats' first game.

TK still doesn't like the uniforms and was hoping they would wear the DC hats.

Brief talk about Lavernius Coles and the fact he's apparently staying, after all the strom and drang last week.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Tony small and petty?

TK begins by telling a tale involving Marc Schwartz, who was in the PTI offices yesterday. His relationship (if you want to call it that) goes way back, to an incident on the ESPN radio show involving Michael Jordan. The charter member of the "In the Bag" club. So, TK ignored him, much to the consternation of some in the PTI office. When TK finally decides to shake his hand, Schwartz yells "Don't shake my hand. Rip me." So, TK goes back to his dressing room, still having never talked to him. (Wilbon called during the break saying Schwartz wasn't yelling.)

** Lisa De Moreas -- talk about Tarvolta's Hair Gate. And then, Oscar talk. Lisa was not anti-Chris Rock (like Tom Shales), but not enthralled with his performance either. Comaplaints also about Jamie Foxx's recycling his speech, from both other award shows and on Baba Wawa. Lisa contends repeatedly that the Oscar rating is mainly about what movies are nominated, not who the host is.

** Abbie Lowell -- discussing the Kobe settlement. and for good measure, the Michael Jackson trial.

** Junior -- more Rich Guy radio, discussing speaker fees and the like. More about St. Joes and their tourney chances. Also, an emailer berates Junior for wearing a ravens' jacket to the GW/St Joes game. Also, talk about Georgetown and MD's future this weekend and in their respective tournaments.

** Old Guy Radio -- Jackie Wilson Said, Van Morrison.

** Jason Whitlock leaves his radio show in Kansas City (while on the air). He said he couldn't serve all of his jobs effectively. This leads to a talk about being "a multimedia journalist."

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

chaney gate continues

Knocke brings the former coach perspective to Chaney Gate.

People are starting to tell St. Joe's to "get over it." But TK says you can't just tell someone to "get over something."

And Czabe explains how weatherman Bob Ryan got all snippy on TV about his weather forecast. TK suggests there should be "weather talk radio," for people (or cockroaches) can call up and complain about the forecasts.

Mickelson is on PTI today. And Phil remembered meeting Michael at the Presidents' Cup a couple years ago. TK was impressed that he actually remembered.

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Snow? What snow?

The show begins with TK again bemoaning the poor forecasting by the weathermen yesterday in DC. Did anyone apologize? Not really.

More on Chaney-gate. Mike Wise will be on later to talk about a column where he called for Chaney to go. Tk wonders where the A-10 leadership is on all this.

** TK reads Lisa De Moreas' Oscar column in the Post today. Ratings as it turned out were down. Some blame Rock. Some blame the choice of Award Winners, since they were not big blockbusters.

** Sam Smith -- recapping last week's big trades -- Webber to Philly, Antoine Walker back To Boston

** Mike Wise -- talking about his column on John Chaney from Saturday's Post. Brief talk about Sunday's column about the Wizards and their diminishing post-season possibilities.
** Old Guy Radio -- Substitute by The Who -- Roger Daltrey's 61st birthday
** TK met Buck O'Neill, who was in town to promote the Negro League/DC Lottery scratch-off game. Gary had to help TK work the scratchers, but TK is now upset that his tickets were actually voided tickets.

** Randy Moss' agent bad mouthed the Vikings and Culpepper -- It wasn't Moss himself, so who cares?

** Kevin Towers apparently suspected Caminiti's steroid use -- TK points out that most if not all GMs would have done the same thing. TK also points out that some steroids are good and aren't bad for you. abuse of anything is bad.

** Naked Man covered in Nacho Cheese tries to Climb Fence -- nuff said.

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Another Failed Blizzard

Everyone kills the weathermen for the lack of accumulated snow today in DC. TK thinks they could get a chimp or a chick in a bikini to do what they do. DA (in the third chair today) asks why there's no accountability.

Some more Oscar talk with DA. He liked the "Magic Johnson Theater" sketch, like TK but not like Tom Shales. Who are the potential next hosts? Jon Stewart? Conan? Tk thinks Rock deserves another chance.

Would TK fire John Chaney? It was a breach of etiquette, but he should be brought back for one more year and then shown the door. He shouldn't go out this way, says TK.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Oscar Oscar

TK begins with discussion of the Oscars. He's amazed by Tom Shales' highly negative criticism of Chris Rock and his hosting gig.

** Joe Barber -- Joe got all of the main awards right except Best Director (but he thought Eastwood should win, but picked Scorsese). Also talk about the presentation of the show, like bringing up nominees on stage at once and then giving out the awards. Joe says that Chris Rock probably won't work in Hollywood again, after "naming names" about people with no talent.

** Mark Maske -- the beginning of the NFL Hot Stove season. The Pats cut Ty Law. Mushin Muhammad signs with the Bears. The Skins may replace Fred Smoot with Samari Rolle.

** Wilbon -- Letterman react. The most common question asked by people is -- Why did Wilbon sit next to Dave? "So Tony wouldn't throw up on Letterman." Wilbon says he doesn't self-analyze (unlike TK), so he doesn't worry about how they did. People say Dave laughed a lot at them and didn't interrupt very much (as Dave is wont to do). Onto sports. Yes, John Chaney's actions last week is a Woody Hayes situation. Wilbon says he wants to talk to Phil Martelli, who has always professed an admiration for Chaney.

** Old Guy Radio -- Ray Charles, What I Say. Going far afield, TK talks about the BTK killings in Kansas and how someone was finally arrested for crimes decades old. This moves us to talk of oter serial killers and "secret lives."

** Mailbag -- all about the Oscar and John Travolta's hair.

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