Friday, March 11, 2005

TK's trip to the ACC tourney

We start with talk about a promotion involving mail carriers picking up cans of food and soup. Andy suggests calling DA, whose father was a mailman.

Tk is home, watching the Patroit League game (Junior alert).

Doug Flutie was released today. Andy marvels about his body of work (20 years).

What happened to TK today? No PTI. TK decides to goto the ACC tourney at the MCI center. TK had no seat, even though he had a credential. A guard got TK to move from a tunnel area and dozens of people yelled out "Don't you know who he is?" And TK just left, rather than cause a scene. He then went to the Post and watched the game there. This belies the portrait painted by Junior in his new book and TK points out that Junior would have raised holy hell.

Hoops galore

The lead story is the local teams in the conf tournies. MD, of course, spit the bit and is deader than a dodo. Georgetown played tough vs. UConn, but lost and might be hurt more by WV's upset of BC. GW won their first game and is probably in, but should win another game to be safe.

** Dick Hoops Weiss -- tourney talk

** Chris Knocke -- disects MD's loss and what went wrong all season. Also, Junior tried to get on with Knocke at halftime on the radio to pimp his book.

** Joe Barber -- this week's flicks -- Robots (an animated film, which TK doesn't like). Hostage (Bruce Willis). Joe's thought's : Robots -- entertaining and good animation. ***1/2. Joe gives a preview of The Upside of Anger (Joan Allen & Kevin Costner) and says it's great. TK used to love Bruce Willis in Moonlighting, and never could understand why he became an action star. Joe says the film is underwhelming. Also, a quick discussion of Michael Jackson's pajama-bottomed appearance in court yesterday.

** Old Guy Radio -- Vanilla Fudge covering You Keep Me Hangin' On.

**Reading Today's Post -- First, TK reads a story in the Metro section about Rep Tom Davis, one of the dopes behind the steroid hearings. He's "doing it for the kids." Also, a story about the Pandas and how they are having problems reproducing. Lots of sophomoric humor at work here. And, a story about a cat who knocked a gun off a shelf and shot its own.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

steroid talk

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The shows starts by talking about the new gig for occasional guest Dan Miller, who
used to work for Fox in Detroit and will now be the pxp man for the Detroit Lions.

We learn that once, years ago, PBS filled the radio show for a pilot. You know, to
show the radio show on TV, like they do with the 4-letter's morning show on ESPNews
or the troll on MSNBC.

today's # 1 story is the steroid subpeonas. Many guests, including Abby Lowell, to
discuss it. TK quotes Stan Brand, who runs Minor League Baseball and past guest on
the show. Brand is interestingly representing the owners and union to thwart the

** Abby Lowell -- breaks it all down involving the subpeonas and whatnot.

** Dan Barrero (KFAN) -- Mike Tice and Ticket Gate.

** Kevin Grevey (Lakers' scout) -- Wilbon wants to play golf with Kevin, so it's a
good thing he's booked today. In Memphis for C-USA tourney and then going to DC for
ACC tourney. Kevin picks a UNC/Wake ACC Final.

** Old Guy Radio -- Jan and Dean -- Dean turns 65 today.

** More Skins Bashing -- TK actualled cedes the floor to Andy Polley for some
whining about the Redskins. This brings us to Wilbon's article in the Post today
saying they need a GM and there shouldn't be a coach/GM in the NFL.

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The Affirmation, Baby Blog

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Tuttle Soup

Topic du jour is MD's loss in the ACC tourney to Clemson.

TK actually went to the game.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

better late than never

[We've been having weird broadband issues the last couple days, so I didn't get to record today's show. Hopefully, it'll be fixed tomorrow.mlc]

The show begins by talking about the Redskins' mess, this time with Fred Smoot leaving for Minnesota and Lavenrius Coles' comments about The danny and the empty threats made about making Coles sit out next season.

** Barry Svrluga -- back from spring training. talks about the Mayor's appearance at some of the Nats games.
** Howard Kurtz -- talks about Dan Rather's last night in the anchor chair
** Junior -- Satellite radio tours for Last Shot and March Madness talk
** Tice Talk -- TK waxes about ticket gate in Minnesota and whether Mike Tice can keep his job if the allegations are true.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

TK's TV watching

TK's appointment viewing: IFC and BBC America. And Sports.

TK did see Man on Fire on cable the other night, which he liked.

Laverro suggests that disgruntled Redskins fans should go plant trees.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

CILL My Weatherman

More griping about the weather from TK today. Shock.

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Patroit League update

The show begins with an update on teh American University golf/tennis situation. It now appears that the teams are saved from being cut for another year.

TK then expounds on the ratings from the weekend (as mentioned in the afternoon update yesterday).

** Bob Ryan -- from the Big East tournament

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sunday ratings

Andy gives TK the ratings from yesterday's afternoon of sports

College 3.9/8
Golf 5.9/13 (up 84% from last year)

(Where's Norman to talk about ratings?)

Plenty of golf nerd talk between TK and Czabe.

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golf vs hoops

Tk spent the first segment talking about Tiger vs Phil yesterday at Doral.

** Lenny Sharipo -- Lenny was at Doral to see the golf.
** Mark Maske -- discussing Coles/Moss trade and other Skins business
** Wilbon -- golf and basketball.

Mark Coale
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