Friday, January 14, 2005

testing? we don't need no testing.

TK begins with more on Prince Harry (and Fergie) and then seqgues into discussing the new steroid tests in Baseball, along with Bob Costas' apperance on the Today show.

** The Swami, James Carville
** movies with Joe Barber

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

No Mel? BOO!

Thanks to an ESPN conspiracy (according to Tony), no Mel Kiper today.

The big story -- Prince Harry the Nazi. Oy gevalt.

** Ron Sirek -- Golf World magazine -- Michelle Wie (who's bumping PTI to the deuce today)
** Rachel Nichols -- the return of our favorite giggling cutie
** Sal Pal -- Long Island geography, Ed Norton's lineage and NFL playoff talk
** WHFS shake-up-- Alt-rock down, RANCHERO UP!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

iPods and other technology

TK begin the show with talking about the new mini iPods and other such technological things that he doesn't understand.

** Junior
** Bob Ryan

(more later)

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We begin with Czabe's request for a salt bagels in the morning. Andy told him that they didn't have them, but Czabe called them and they do.

TK gives his bagel knowledge, which includes being offended by things like raisin bagels and other "vanity" bagels. People who make "sun dried tomato" bagels should be shot.

On to sports and the Boulez. TK doesn't know what to do about it, since they are good, but not great and therefore not great topics for a column.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Unit vs media

After some talk about Tony's Tivo, we talk about Randy Johnson's press conference and his run-in with a photog. TK doesn't know why the Mets had their presser today, since they would clearly lose the back-page battle with theYankees.

TK "thinks" Big Stein set-up the photographer to get the pub.

HOF Final 15 -- Andy whines again about art monk getting shafted. Buchhantz is upset about Jacoby still not being on the ballot. TK Thinks that Wilbon should shift his emphasis from Monk to Russ Grimm.

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TK begins by ranting about Bill O'Reilly. The less said the better.

Now, onto the Randy Johnson/WCBS cameraman brouhaha. "I don't care who you are." TK got a great deal of amusement out of this and said he should have just broken the camera and thrown a check at the guy, like James Caan in the Godfather.

** Larry Wiseman, USA TODAY -- playoff talk
** Dan Barrero, KFAN, M-STP -- Mossgate
** Sam Smith -- the wackiness that is Doug and Jackie Christie
** Aftermath of Dan Rather and Memogate
** TK Finally Talks about Beyond the Sea -- Spacey good, everyone else bad.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Bad Moon Rising

Apparently, neither Joe Buck nor the commisioner wanted to appear on PTI to talk about the mooning.

They were allowed to use the footage on PTI. Andy asked if the reaction would have been as strong if Joe Buck hadn't have overreacted.

TK discusses the differences, to him, between Moss and TO.

Talk briefly turns toward Randy Johnson and his "altercation" with a cameraman in NY today.

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Moon River

Randy Moss is topic # 1 today.

* Mark Maske -- was in Seattle for the NFC game. Discussion of other playoff action.
* Bonnie Bernstein from CBS
* Willy Buns

(more later)

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