Friday, December 10, 2004

the royal we

The discussion here is about using "we" as a fan and journalist. Andy and Steve use the word "we" where as TK cant' stand it.

This dovetails into a discussion of psychotic, crazed fans.

Fortunately, not much discussion of the actual game this weekend.

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Kwame, Kwame, Kwame

** The show begins with a discussion of Kwame Brown's suspension for one game for "conduct detrimetnal to the team."
** Bob Kravitz from Indy Star on Artest and Peyton
** Hank Goldberg
** Stephen Hunter on movies -- Ocean's Twelve (disappointing fluff), Blade: Trinity (dreck)
** TK tries to take Phone Calls -- what a mistake
** Tony's Mail Bag -- Bill Lehecka and AJ from Nashville both represented

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Skins talk

We begin by talking about the pitiful Giants, who the Skins vanquished last week. Beating them doesn't mean anything compared to the Iggles this week. Riggo says the word in NY is that some people are happy with playing Manning and some are annoyed that they are going to miss the easy playoff spot.

Riggo thinks that the win, against whomever, is good for the Skins' psyche. And who the QB is wouldn't make a difference to the Giants. And maybe Coughlin's style is finally starting to wear on people.

Kwame got suspended for a game for lackadasical behavior. TK thinks that he's just star-crossed in DC.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

The lefties are coming!

** Today's show starts with the news that Air America (the lefty radio station) is coming to DC and replacing the Fox Sports Radio programming on SportsTalk 1260. Good news: bye, Gnome. Bad News: bye, Gametime (when its not on 980). TK even got Todd Casselberry to come in to talk about it.
** Boswell on Roids and Barry Bo
** Mel's picks (yupdate -- mel changes pick from Jets to Pittsburgh)

PHIL -9 1/2 Wash
MINN -6 Seattle
CAR -6/12 StLouis
PIT -6 NY Jets
SD -5 Tampa
Ind -101/2 Houston

** The Swami James Carvile's picks
CAR -6 1/2 St Louis
NY Jets + 6 PITT
ATL -7 1/2 Oak
DAL - 7 NO
CHI +3 Jax
NYG + 10 Balt

** Goodbye, to Mi
** Rumsfeld gets grilled in the Middle East

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Kiss my Asterisk

We begin by asking TK what an asterisk is and why it's used to denote things. TK thinks it's just a notation.

TK talks about Father Malloy at ND (A washingtonian). He said only twice have I been ashamed to be at Notre Dame, last Tuesday and Wednesday, when Ty Willingham was fired. Where exactly was he last week, TK asks?

Knocke shared his experiences from dealing with college administrators.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

We want to Pump you UP

** Steroids and Don Fehr's weight loss
** Dan Barrero from KFAN
** Spike and Ike's Circumcision
** Junior on basketball polls and other stuff
** Tony's Mailbag

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

more on les boulez

WIth DA in the studio, there's more Wizards talk. DA was shocked to learn that TK was at the Game the other day (even if he didn't stay for the actual game).

Also, DA is as appalled as TK about the Redskins' playoff talk.

(my earlier post was eaten. this is done from memory. my bad. sorry)

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Les Boulez

With DA in the House, it's Wizards Talk. DA was shocked to learn that MR Tony was actually at the MCI Center the other day. Not that he stayed FOR the game, mind you.

TK also expects doom on the horizon (an ACL waiting to happen) and they haven't been on the treacherous West Coach trip yet. The Airport Sheraton in Portland used to be owned by ABe Pollin's brother, so the Boulez always had to stay there. But, MJ wouldn't have any of that.

DA, like MR Tony, is appalled by all the playoffs talk on the Redskins' behalf.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

more Skins talk

Replay of TK from 7:30, talking about the NYG.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Know Your Presidents

** Skins talk to start the show
** THe Post's Mark Maske on the rest of the NFL yesterday
** Chris Knocke on MD's loss in the Junior Classic
** Willy Buns
** Tony's trip to Penn and his "meeting" with the University President
** Tony's Mailbag

Mark Coale
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