Friday, December 17, 2004

Vinsanity in New Jersey

We begin with the breaking news that Vince Carter has been conditionally traded to the Nets. TK thinks it's a way to try and get Jason Kidd to say in New Jersey.

TK also mentions the big article in the Post about Antwon Jamison.

And, more about Linda Cropp. She said in an interview she's trying to save the deal, not kill it. TK promises to kick in $1000 for the stadium. MLB doesn't recognize her as anyone important, since they'v ebeen dealing with Mayor Williams.

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Again with the baseball

Day Three of Anacostia Staduim Held Hostage

** Tim Kirkjian on the Stadium and Hot Stove Baseball
** The Swami, James Carville (up later)
** Stephen Hunter on Spanglish and other movies

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

TK -- all over the place

Before getting to the 5:30 hit, TK was on Birthday Boy Dan LeBatard's radio show in Miami. He was talking about the Kobe interview on PTI. Of course, Tk and LeBatard ending up yelling at each other.

And now, the regular bit on 980.

TK begins by killing an emailer for suggesting that MLB wouldn't give an Al--Star game to DC, because of the way they've been treated.

This led to a discussion about the "sewage" issues in the Anacostia River, which would be next to the "new stadium."

And we learned that Riggins auditioned for the Chappelle show (but didn't get the part).

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Odessa Steps Magazine

more on the Stadium Mess (again)

TK begins by talking about the coverage in the Post of the Stadium fallout, including Linda Cropp deeming her treatment by sportswriters (Boswell and MW) as "harsh." TK says this is like a game of Hearts, Cropp is trying to shoot the moon and wonders if Mayor Williams has an ace up his sleeve.

** Bob Ryan -- on Baseball (both DC and Boston) and Pedro
** Boswell -- the only local Post columnist on the mess

Washington - 3.5 SAN FRANCISCO
ATL - 3.5 Carolina
Minnesota -3 DETROIT
KC -1.5 Denver
St.Louis -1 ARIZONA
Buffalo -1.5 CINCINNATI
JETS -6 Seattle

Expect at least one change....

** Old Guy Radio -- The Weight by The Band
** Kobe on PTI -- behind the scenes on how it happened and how TK thought it went
** Details about the PTI Bowling Party
** Mailbag

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

DC baseball? Not so fast, my friend.

The big story, which dominated the show today, is DC's abridged stadium deal, which could very well lead to the Nationals not coming to Washington.

** Barry Svrluga -- the Post's baseball writer, who might be looking to relocate to Vegas.
** Junior
some actualy political reporters, whose names I didn't get during the first listen.

more later

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More on the stadium mess

TK thinks that once the team is here, they'll stay. The problem is getting them here in the beginning.

Czabe think the team will move back to Montreal for next season.

Who could be part of the private funding? The Danny? Junior?

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Introduction etiquette

With Carol Maloney in the studio, we begin by officially introducing her to Tony, since last time she was on, TK didn't know who she was. This begins a discussion on how and how much do you say when you are introduced to someone. A gratuitious slam at Lupica in here (yay).

TK's column today was about Jim Bowden, the temporary GM of the Nationals. There's talk about how him being an interim GM and then will he be able to get players to a new city.

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The Pedro Circus

** Pedro and his little friend begin the show Today
** Riggins
** Lisa De Moreas from the Post

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Monday, December 13, 2004

Dead Skins

** The Redskins' lost means one thing - NO MORE PLAYOFF TALK!
** Mark Maske on the rest of the NFL -- AFC and NFC playoff possibilities
** Wilborn on yesterday's game & Michael Vick
** Bernard Kerik and Nanny Gate
** Kobe, the Mailman and Vanessa Bryant -- Is three a magic number?
** Golden Globe Nominations -- no love for the Sopranos?

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