Friday, December 03, 2004

More Bonds talk

The first segment on PTI tonight is all steroid related, 3 stories on Bonds, 1 on Giambi and 1 on Victor Conti's appearance on 20/20 tonight.

TK doesn't think this invalidates Bonds' career or people will be any less eager to see him trying to break Henry Aaron's record. It will shade his career and his numbers and people will wonder abou the numbers.

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Bonds on the chopping block

More on the steroids front -- the key word is "plausible deniability."

** Timmy Kirkjian on Bonds
** The Swami, James Carville -- only two picks this week
Chicago +7 Minnesota
Indianapolis -10.5 Tennessee

** Stephen Hunter on "Closer"
** Junior called to explain why he wasn't at a book party Tuesday night. He was never supposed to be there and the people running it did him a disservice by setting up a table with his books on it, making like he was going to be there.

More later

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The 12th man

TK outlined to Riggo his idea for an extra player on offense for the Redskins, since it would be vital to the country's interest for the Redskins to not stink.

Riggo, on the other hand, thinks maybe you should go the other way have 8 or 9 (like HS football in Kansas). Or, they could let Clinton Portis use a horse.

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the needle and the damage done

No1 topic du jour was the Giambi mess.

Also, the return of MEL KIPER JR

** Stan Brand -- Minor league baseball executive - talks about Giambi stuff
** Julian Rubinstein -- author of The True Story of the Whiskey Robber - The book about the "robin hood" goalie in Hungary who robbed banks.
** Tony talks to "Hubie Brown" about his decision to work for ABC, which, may I say, "knocked me over with a feather."
** Tony talks about "Closer" which opens tomorrow. It left him very cold and found some of the situations in the movie "vulgar."
** Tony's Mail Bag

Mel's Picks
Washington -2.5 NY Giants
Baltimore -7 Cincinnati
Arizona - 5.5 Detroit
Green bay + 6.5 Philadelphia
SD - 3 Denver
Carolina + 1.5 New Orleans
Tampa Bay - 1.5 Atlanta
more later

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Terp Talk

Since Knocke is there today (and Czabe is MIA), we talk about last night's Terps game and the upcoming BB&T Classic (aka the Junior Classic).

Knocke thinks the loss last night will help MD stay focused against George Mason in a few days.

This segues into a talk of a MD Vs Gtown game, which TK thinks would be HUGE if they could get it done.

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University of College Football in America

More on the Notre Dame fallout...

** Bob Ryan
** Pam Ward
** Junior
** Emails and phone calls (including Tamara)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Notre Dame aftermath

Wilbon teases yesterday about Tyrone Willingham not lasting his full five years and TK poo pooed it. Well, MW was right.

TK calls his decision "sizemic" in college football. ND went outside the box in hiring Ty and now they've fired him.

Everyone is talking about Urban Meyer, but TK thinks the best decision would be to try and get Jon Gruden (former ND ballboy whose father was an asst coach there).

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Odessa Steps Magazine

All hail Brett Favre

** TK slurps Brett Favre
** Lesley Visser
** John Riggins on Favre
** Sam Smith on Lebron vs MJ
** TK skewers the Today Show for the Princess Di tapes
** TK, by the way, did get Michael's jacket last week on Black Friday

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Redskins Post Mortem

Carville went 8-3 over the weekend. The man needs to stop picking college.

** The Redskins. Ugh. "If you pay a RB (Clinton Portis) this much money, you ought to give him the ball." Talk also of the ESPN report that Gibbs would retire due to health reasons. Andy promises to ask the Coach about this at 6 o clock. Andy is "disappointed" in the season, given how good the defense is. They also mention Wilbon's column, where MW says that any other coach (especially Spurrier) would be killed for some of the things Gibbs has done this year. (Wilbon will be on later)

** Mark Maske from the Post does the NFL recap.
** Wilbon on the Skins
** 60 Minutes -- Dustin Hoffman and the amazing classical music child prodigy
** Ron Sirek from Golf World Magazine on the Skins Game (not the Redskins Game)
** Tony's Mailbag

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