Friday, February 04, 2005

Easy Ed

We begin with TK talking about Easy Ed Rendell, PA governor, who was on with Andy and Steve a few minutes earlier. TK espouses his view that the Pres and Congress should get much more money ($2 mil for Pres, $1 mil for Senators, $500k for Reps).

Czaban tells a story about how a woman noticed on his business card that he works at the same station as Tony and gave him grief for it. TK says this continues to prove how thin skinned the people are in JAX.

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Last Day in JAX (thankfully)

** Boomer Esasion -- gives love to Marv (his radio broadcast partner). Also, more about the Boomer/Marino comment from a couple weeks ago ("next Dan Marino).
** Chris Johnson (WTEM guy) talks about going to a party and Berman in the middle of a pack of strippers. Also Ricky Williams singing about Tsunami victims.
** Prime Time -- TK tries to convince Deion to play for the Nationals next year and his good friend Jim Bowden
** Bob Ryan -- talks about a small dinner with Bill Belechick (Willy Buns was there too)
** James Carville -- The Swami says take the Eagles and the points 4 times over
** Joe Barber -- Reviews the Wedding Date (movie not so great, Debra Messing is great). Also TK pimps BBC America, including "Trailer Park Boys" and "The Office." Also a brief discussion of the Sundance Film Festival.
** More JAX bashing -- George Michael called TK last night to tell him that his column didn't bash JAX enough. George (and company) were stuck on a bridge last night during a fireworks show. Wilbon apparently has also been complaining every day about things in the city.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

TK 4, JAX 0

Another crappy day in JAX. Wilbon today has an umbrella. Apparently, players are even turning down appearance fees to come to JAX for Super Bowl week stuff.

Andy briefly talks about Les Boulez, pointing out that Abe guarantees a playoff appearance this year.

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Gary joins Andy in JAX

Gary is now in JAX with Andy, hoping to golf if the weather holds up.

TK begins with the Rudy T story.

And then on to the snicky Stacey Dales-Shuman, who is retiring, since he "no longer has fun playing." She's not a fan favorite for her gritty play, it's cuz she's hot. And she has a better job awaiting her on TV. TK brings up a couple people who have retired without getting booted out of their sport, including former NFLer Mike Reed and Mary Carillo.

** Jaws -- We know who he is rooting for on Sunday.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Change in the Weather

TK appaers to be smug about how bad the weather has been and is today in JAX.

Brief discussions of Nats GM Jim Bowden and the Lakers mess, especially the possibility of Phil jackson coming back to coach the team.

And a quick talk of Credit Card gate.

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Skins charge card DOWN

We begin with TK and Willy Buns discussing the Redskins charge card and their reversal of policy. Also, we learn about TK's problem getting the recycling truck to come by.

** The Hateable One, Dan LeBatard -- in JAX for the game. dan rants about Radio Row and talks about how much everyone loves Wilbon. Dan then rips TK for killing the folks he works with on his local station.
** Junior -- talks of Past Super Bowls, Art Schleister, Brian F Billick, Terrell Owens, NBA coaches and more...
** Old Guy Radio -- CSN, Teach Your Children --
** Rich Eisen, NFL Network -- life post-ESPN. No Bea Arthur joke today.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

fun with media day

Talk begins today with the apparent impending retirement of Emmitt Smith. TK thought he had retired 2 years ago.

BTW, Wilbon needed a parka for PTI today, to go with his knit cap.

Andy thinks he saw Wilbon interviewed at least 10 times and that was only during the Patriots media session.

more talk about Media Day. blah blah blah, yakkety smackkety.

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SB Day 2: Andy held hostage

It's the horror that is media day at the Super Bowl. Andy is in JAX< but thankfully not at MEDIA DAY.

** James Brown, FOX -- TK declares that JB is now the most famous James Brown, over the Godfather of Soul and the HOF running back.
** Joe Biddle, The Tennessean -- tells the crazy story about the woman's basketball coach fired by her loony rock star owner
** David Dupree -- Discussed Lez Boulez, as well as TK's departure from the local Full Court Press show on channel 4. Also NBA news and views (Shaq v Van Gundy, Mo Cheeks v Miles, the camp counselor). And DD again gives major props to Million Dollar Baby.
** Andy at the Super Bowl -- stories about Past Super Bowls and writers who have been to all 39 games

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Monday, January 31, 2005

Still more TK vs JAX

Czabe told TK about seeing a sign, 20 miles outside of JAX, that said "Happy Birthday to everyone ever born except Tony Kornheiser."

This brings back a time when people in FLA, including Bob Graham, complained about a column wrote back in 1999.

It's apparently so cold in JAX that Wilbon had to wear a cap during the PTI tapings today.

Brief talk about the Gibbs news conference today, where the coach lashed out at those who took him seriously about only being Skins coach for 2 years.

A quick mention of the Terps win. TK thinks they should be ranked higher than 22 (which is where they are in the new poll).

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JAX Strikes Back

Andy (in JAX) read some anti-TK letters from the newspaper. TK attacks the people attacking him. And so on and so on.

** Wilbon -- MW gripes about the golfing weather. MW complains about how much the Anti-TK factions are bothering him and other Friends of TK. More griping baout past bad weather at Super Bowls. MW also doesn't care who anyone picks in the game. Briefly, MW talks about the Cubs getting rid of Sosa. This is Dusty Baker getting rid of the two people "responsbile" for the bad press-- Sosa and Steve Stone.
** Dave Shenin from the Post -- Sosa trade discussion
** Mark Maske -- Super Bowl hype & Redskins Credit Card brouhaha -- Also the usual topics du jour -- TO, Bellichek, Romeo as new Browns coach and so on...
** David Aldridge -- a brief appearance to tell TK how much he's hated in JAX
** TK talks about the Iraqi Elections

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