Wednesday, January 24, 2007

more articles on TK's return

here and here (another version of the Post article from yesterday)

Mark Coale

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Well, it wasn't 980 after all. How do you like that?

TK will be starting in February on Washington Post Radio (WTWP) and not WTEM.

DCRTV says that Legendary Postie Ben Bradlee put in a call to TK that may have swayed his decision.

Who will be his sidekick? Will Andy Polley leave his longtime home at 980 ? not likely. What about Gary "Big Time" Braun, last heard on XXX as part of the John Riggins Show? maybe.

Our suggestion: pair TK with the Post's Sports Bogger, Dan Steinberg. He's funny, he knows sports, he works for the Post and currently writes in the paper in that same Page 2 spot where TK used to do his columnettes.

The Post story here

Mark Coale

Odessa Steps Magazine

Monday, January 22, 2007

Danny Boy gets a piece of Mr Tony

As reported by DCRTV and confirmed by people in the DC area who listened to the Riggo Show today, Dan Snyder's XXX ESPN station will be carrying PTI on the radio.

You may recall that PTI used to broadcast on ESPN Radio at 7 PM ET a few years ago. How long ago? Chuck Wilson was still on Gamenight right after it.

Likely, that's the only way the Danny will have Mr. Tony on his airways.

Gossip sites like DCRTV (and even the Post) say TK will be choosing between 980 and the Post Radio Station if he comes back to radio before (likely) a second season (sigh) of MNF with Joey the Tongue and That Nice Young Man Mikey Tirico.

Our sources (which do extend beyond reading other peoples' websites and bitching about places that banned you) say nothing is imminent and the big meeting at 980 last week was not TK-related, but had to do with a shuffling of Clear Channel suits.

Mark Coale

Odessa Steps Magazine