Friday, May 27, 2005

Best of

Friday -- Best of (with one TK call-in from RTJ)

Monday -- Best of

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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Tony starts the crow by eating some crow about Dwayne Wade, who had 40 last night in Miami's win over Detroit. After that, American Idol talk (more later with Lisa de Moraes).

-- David Dupree -- playoff talk -- love for Wade, the Camp Counselor and the Spurs
-- Lisa De Moraes -- Idol talk
-- Joe Barber -- movie talk -- Madagascar & The Longest Yard

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Queen in town

Topic A (since it just happened) is the new owner of the Mystics, Dr Sheila Johnson, former wife of Bobcats owner and BET founder Bob Johnson. Tk gives us some backstory between Abe and Bob Johnson. Tk also equates the Mystics' "attendance banners" with Cub Scout badges. And the WNBA is a loss leader for the league, so who really cares.

More about the "friction" between TK and Mike Wise, talking about Mike bringing a Darth Vader mask to Full Court Press last week.

And tonight is the Lottery. For once, it flew under the radar in DC.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

revenge of the Chimps

Even though it came late in the show, today's top story was the long piece in the Post about everyone's favorite chimp, Moe, his dopey "parents" and how they were mauled by Ollie and Mollie a couple months ago.

-- Rachel Nichols -- from Miami -- NBA talk and fashion tips
-- Josh Peters from NO Times-Picayune -- pimping his book on the rodeo circuit
-- Sam Smith -- from Phoenix -- NBA talk and Wilbon's distain for dry heat
-- Old Guy Radio -- Robert Zimmerman from Hibbing MN

Also talk about the (bogus?) Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes relationship and the infamous "1/2 +" rules for dating younger men/women.
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Monday, May 23, 2005

guys from the U

The segment starts with discussion about TK's column today, about nominally all the NFL players from Miami and their behavior.

Jim O'Brien out in Philly. Mo Cheeks finally comes home.

they will the Post's sports editor on tomorrow to talk about O's coverage in the Post. TK again doesn't get the venom from the Anti-O's (anti-Angelos) factions.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

MR Tony and his 3 Assistants

TK finally went to see Ricky Jay's show in DC over the weekend. Having seen it opening night, it's as good as he described it.

-- Greg Code, Herald -- previewing Heat/Pistons
-- Andy Beyer -- Prekness recap and how Afleet Alex avoided disaster
-- Wilbon -- Suns/Spurs and other hijinx
-- Old Guy Radio -- Isley Brothers
-- Where was TK on Friday? Playing Baltusrol in Jersey.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine