Friday, February 25, 2005

TK, back from NYC

We begin with David Feldman from Fox 5 refuting that he only gets a minute per night on the nightly news. Feldy says he actually gets 3 minutes.

TK says he's gotten lots of positive praise from the Letterman appearance. Tk says it's a top 10 career highlight. and no, he did not get sick.

How did the seating get chosen? "black guy in the middle."

No, they did not meet Travolta. TK was hoping to meet Ricky Gervais, who's on tonight's show, but his segment was taped Monday.

Czabe thinks that TK and Maggie should go on Stupid Pet Tricks.

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Letterman React

Tk gives us the scoop on last night's Letterman appearance.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

From the Ed Sullivan Theater...

TK is on his way to NYC for Letterman, but took time to call in the first segment.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Breaking News

Apparently, Randy Moss will not get a ride on Redskin One, as he will be traded to the Raiders. TK wonders about the views expressed by potential Vikings owner Reggie Fowler, who wanted to keep Moss if he bought the team.

The latest on Coles. they have to make the deal by March 2nd or it won't be done.

As for the Terps last night, the less said the better.

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Barry Bonds, not Redd Foxx

We begin with Barry Bonds. Interrupted by Kim giving a traffic update (apparently for an intersection that doesn't exist.)

** David Dupree -- Oscar picks

** Bob Ryan -- Sox spring training

** Junior -- MD analysis and griping about the RPI

** Old Guy Radio -- Always on My Mind (Elvis version)

** The Royal Wedding -- TK is agahst that Queen Elizabeth will not be going to the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

more on Coles

TK comes into the discussion about trading Coles, possibly for John Abraham. Talk about all the recent moves by Gibbs and previous regimes.

Bonds talk. Regarding denying reporters' access to BB, TK and DA bring up how the Wizards rebuilt the lockerroom to keep Jordan sheltered.

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Perception vs Reality

The shows with TK talking about Jose Canseco's appearance on the Today Show this morning. TK thinks Matt Lauer was fairly pitbull-ish in the interview and no longer thinks Jose has any credibility left. This segued into a discussion of the new Dream Job, where the athletes are savaged by people in the media, in a (delicious to the media) reversal of standard operating procedures.

** Joe Barber -- Oscar Preview -- here are Joe's Picks
Best Actor -- Jamie Foxx (will win and should win) Eastwood or Depp (upset pick)
Best Sup Actor -- Morgan Freeman (will win and should win) Church (upset)
Best Actress -- Hillary Swank (will win and should win) Imelda Staunton (upset)
Best Sup Actress -- Cate Blanchett (will win) Virginia Madsen (should win) Portman (upset)
Best Director -- Clint Eastwood (should win) Martin Scorsese (will win) anyone else (upset)
Best Picture -- The Aviator (should win) Million Dollar Baby (will win) Sideways (upset)
Best Adapted Screenplay -- Sideways
Best Original Screenplay -- Hotel Rwanda

** Dave Shenin -- in Scottsdale for Spring Training-- Barry Bonds speaks today, although likely to say little if anything. This branches out to a larger discussion about steroids in baseball. Shenin believes (without any hard evidence) that almost every who has been brought up (Pudge, Raffy, McGwire, ...) is probably dirty on some level.

** Sam Smith -- All-Star discussion -- First up, Lebron's coming out party. Sam mentions it's 20 years ago for jordan's "freeze out" at the All-Star game. Ironically, Jordan has become a recluse. Tk brings up a column by Mike Wise in the Post about the NBA's labor deal and how the union will give up the 20-year old rule. Sam wonders why the Union fought against it for so long, since they would be taking jobs from the union members. In the Kobe vs Shaq deal, Sam thinks Shaq has been in the wrong in not letting Kobe off the hook.

** Old Gal Radio -- Bonnie Raitt -- Again, in honor of the passing of her father John.

** Jose Guillen -- TK talks about a Post article about the new Nats OF today and how he has "chosen" to not discuss the past (ie, the incidents last year in Anaheim that got him suspended in the middle of a pennant race).

** Emails -- a nerd trifecta as me, Lahecka and Brandon Borzelli get emails read all in a row.

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Holiday blues

TK being talking about holidays, and first tier and second tier holidays. Tk actually racks the Gnome for doing a live TV show.

Andy asks about any prep TK and MW have done for the Letterman show this week. TK says there hasn't been any yet, but will be some the night before. They are on the same night as John Travolta. TK hopes they'll be bumped.

Czabe wonders what's next. Andy thinks they should go on Regis the day after the Letterman shot. Czabe thinks TK should do a blog (and Andy nicely gives us a plug). Of course, TK doesn't really know what that is.

Gibbs denied the Lavernius Coles story in the Post today. Tk is ready to write a column on the situation ("If you want to go, go."), so he thinks there's smoke to the story.

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Black Thanksgiving and Redneck Xmas

Tk begins by talking about the two disparate sporting events this weekend -- the Daytona 500 and the NBA All-Star game. He watched some of each yesterday. Tk was rooting for # 24 (since he had been on PTI last week) and thought the announcing seemed pro # 8. TK also declared the Nash/Stoudamaire dunk from Saturday the best he has ever seen.

** Mike Wise -- From Denver, All-Star Game recap. Talk about the Wizards in the game, the dunk and other NBA stuff.

** Mark Maske -- Topic # 1 was the report in the Post about Lavernius Coles apparently wanting out of DC, including possibly giving back part of his signing bonus. This led to a talk about what WR might be available (Derrick Mason). Also there was brief talk about Tom Fowler and whether he'll still be approved as Vikings' owner.

** Wilbon -- MW didn't go to Black Thanksgiving (he was in AZ). He watched the Daytona 500 in a Scottsdale sports bar and found it fascinating. Wilbon kills the dunk contest, even though he agreed with TK about the coolness factor of the Nash/Stoudamaire dunk. MW never thought the NHL season would be cancelled, but he does know. TK advocates a Canadian league that could add some American cities.

** Old Guy Radio -- "Beyond the Sea" by Bobby Darin. In honor of the death of Sandra Dee yesterday. Apparently, during the height of her alcoholism, she drank a quart of scotch a day (while weighing 80 lbs). Also dying yesterday was John Raitt (Broadway star and father of Bonnie Raitt) and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson (who committed suicide last night).

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