Friday, January 07, 2005

Possession in 9/10 of the law

We begin with a discussion of the "Red Sox ball" that is currently held by Doug Mankeitwicz (sp) and wanted by his employer, the Red Sox. Tony understand his POV on the matter.

Not so with Clinton Portis. TK calls Portis a bum for trying to reneg on the #26 deal. TK says, to quote norman chad, "Pay the Man, shirley."

And then, the Randy Moss ESPN interview.

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it's friday

Mark Coale
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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Whither Pete Carroll?

Riggo will apparently be on TV at the same time on two different channels. Wheel of Fortune and with George Michael. TK suggests having people with boxes to watch Wheel.

Talk turns to if Pete Carroll should take the 49er job. It sounds like a natural fit, but TK wonders why Carroll would give up his great gig at USC.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

Ground control to Major TK

TK confirmed the XM story today, although not with all the detailseveryone would like. We'll have more when we learn more.

** David Dupree on NBA and movies
** Dave Shenin on Sid Sidney's problems in Aruba
** Mel Kiper Jr (picks later)

SEATTLE -4 St Louis
INDY -10 Denver
GREEN BAY -5.5 Minnesota

** Old Guy Radio -- Rolling Stones -- TK talks about being a rock critic in the 1970s and seeing the Stones at MSG in 1976 and them bringing out Clapton to play lead guitar.

** Andy Geiger react -- TK talks about Geiger being AD at Maryland and his retirement from the Ohio State University.
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Odessa Steps Magazine

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The alphabet test is confusing

We begin with Sean Taylor's DUI being thrown out. The lawyer said asking him to do the alphabet test wasn't fair. The judge said "I've seen a whole lot worse."

Clinton Portis also had some weird comments.

TK then asked Knocke about Gary Williams benching Nick Caner-Medley in last night Maryland's game.

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Odessa Steps Magazine

XM, here we come

Today's big news, announced in a presser this afternoon, is that TK is indeed coming to XM. (Boy, would I have been pissed if it was Sirius, after shelling out for the portable XM last month.)

More details tomorrow presumably...

On the show...

TK recaps the USC butt whipping
Bob Ryan on Wade Boggs and other stuff

more later (didn't get to hear the show live today.)

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tony joins 21st century

Today's top news story is TK's kids buying a Tivo for Satchmo. We'll see how long this lasts.

** Riggins on Randy Moss and Shaun Alexander
** Malcolm Moran on the Sugar and Orange Bowls
** Sam Smith on the Cavs' sale and other NBA tid-bits

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Sir Sidney in the Clink

We begin with talking about Sir Sidney Ponson finally getting out of jail in Aruba.

We weirdly segue in Amber Frey and her apperance on the Today Show. Either she wanted to buy his lies or Scott Peterson was the world's greatest snake oil salesman.

Hall of Fame -- Boggs and Ryno.

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Monday, January 03, 2005

New Shows again

Tk is back. How do you know? He's skewering the guy in charge of getting breakfast, which didn't come today.

** Maske on the playoffs
** Pam Ward on bowl games
** Wilbon from Miami

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