Friday, March 18, 2005

Tourney recap

React from Day one of the tournament...

** Guy TK knows from Columbia talking about Curling
** Joe Barber on Movies

(more later)

** Note: No TK at 5:30 today.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005


Brackets, brackets, brackets....

** Bob Ryan
** Pat Forde
** Mark Schlabaugh

(picks will be up later today at

Also, TK talks about a story in the Post about a kid shot for his Timberland jacket, reminiscient of the Air Jordan flap from a few years ago.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

AM react

Talk about TK's interview this morning with Joe Gibbs and Andy's antipathy towards the elite class (TK notwithstanding).

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TK and Coach Joe

Almost all of today's show was taken up by an interview TK did with Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs.

We did, however, get a great bit about rich people's justice and TK castigating Andy for being bloodthirsty (like most people) involving the punishment for convicted white collar criminals like Kenneth Lay.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the record vs off the record

Andy tries to pump up Dream Job, but TK would have none of it. TK talks about how ESPN is just feeding the beast, which includes the creation of PTI.

TK talks about on the record vs off the record, vis a vis the Mike Tice story (who wants to have his quotes from last week now put off the record).

Briefly, TK talks about The Orioles' open letter in the Post on Sunday.

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brackets, day 2:

Tony's trip to see the Lakers at MCI. TK schmoozed with Kobe in the locker room and chatted with La Sooz (but didn't remember to ask about Storytime).

** Len Elmore -- brackets
** Sam Smith -- no brackets
** Jeff Jones -- brackets
** Jim Larranaga -- brackets

See all the picks (later today) at our sister site

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Brackets Kornheiser

Talk begins with the J-P coverage of the ACC tournament, as mentoined earlier on TK's show.

TK doesn't buy into the Ock's theory that if Gonzaga wins, it will get rid of the "mid major" label.

Yes, talk about TK's bracket in the Post today. You can get the link at our sister site, Where's The Cake... TK's main motivation for doing brackets, to annoy Junior.

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New Sister Web Site

To keep this space from getting too bogged down (or is that blogged down?) with brackets, we set up a seperate website to keep track of them.

Starting today, with TK's "bracket" from today's post and one from the AP's Jim O'Connell, you can find them at...

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Bracket Ville

The show begins with Tk talking about his experiences at the ACC tourney (no room at the inn) and doing a "bracket column" at the Post yesterday. The highlight was seeing Junior glom two whole pizzas.

Andy and Gary think Tk is being phased out at the Post, given the gimmick column they had him do today.

** Wilbon -- MW only ate 3 slices of pizza, so Junior must have eaten lots of Pizza. MW also says TK can be as big as he wants to be, he just chooses to be a yodeler. MW says this is the greatest day of the year for newspapers, since everyone needs brackets. Of course, bracket talk.

** Mark Maske -- talks about the weird Michael Vick story in yesterday's Post, where a TSA official in the Atlanta airport had his watch 'stolen' by someone in Vick's entourage and the trouble it took to get the watch back.

** The Ock -- picks his bracket. Amazingly, he picked Gonzaga. WTF?

** Old Guy Radio -- some song from Chicago. eh.

** More Junior Bashing -- TK makes fun of all the appearnces he's making to plug his book.

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