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Monday, August 16, 2004

PGA and gambling

Mr. Tony called in unexpectedly (since Andy is on vacation) to talk about the PGA and his trip to Atlantic City.

TK doesn't like Vijay, but gave him some DAP for his shots in the playoff.

TK also thinks Phil should Player of the Year instead of Vijay, mainly based on his performances in the majors this year. And Phil, Vijay and Ernie are all better than Tiger right now.

TK went to Atlantic City to play golf with some high school buddies. And then, he got rained on. Four rounds of golf turned into about 12 holes, so Mr Tony gambled. He gave a free shout out to the Borgata, where they stayed.

TK doesn't gamble for two reasons. One, he's now too well known. Two, he hates to lose money and doesn't get any joy from winning. So, on Saturday night, with nothing to do, TK gambled. TK was amazed at the knowledge held by the pit bosses in dealing with the crap tables. TK said he brought some money ($300) that was the cost of spending time with his friends, and with nothing else to do, he figured he might as well do some gambling. He gave his friend Eddie $200, which he lost before you could say "Wilbon" (or if you prefer, about 5 minutes). The last $100 and his friend Mark's $100 was gone in the time it took Mark (who is in a wheelchair) to go around the table.

The next day, TK found out that most of his friends made money after he went to bed. Including, of course, his friend Eddie. That's gambling for ya.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine